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    Hello All,
    I’d like to buy an incense fragrance by Andy Tauer. I’ve only tested Incense Rosé and I like it, but I would prefer something more masculine. I’ve read good things about Incense Extrème. Do you recommend it to me? Is it wearable in summer?

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    Incense Extreme is nice, but itself won't bloom in heat. I'd prefer it on a cool, gloomy, windy autumn/winter days, esp. before a rain with dark clouds dominates the sun. IE evokes a dark, mysterious feeling to me, like you enter an old Asia temple.

    I tried it on a summer/hot day once, while the incense is still something I admire, it became rather soulless/boring.

    On the other hand, IR does well in the heat. No complaint, sillage is big. Even 1 spray can get you compliments from people standing few steps away.

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    Thank you, I'll try IE today (it's quite warm here). ...
    I hope it's more understated than Incense Rosé

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