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    Default Help identifying Montale perfume

    I recently found a bottle of 'Deluziont Des Femmes' by Montale in EDP - searched for information about this fragrance but found almost nothing about it. It is packaged in a very heavy glass bottle with metal trims unlike the aluminium bottles for the ouds. Beautiful floral fragrance - soft and lingering, I thought I could smell a wonderful concoction of white flowers like jasmine and gardenia but could not figure out the rest of the notes. Has anyone heard of this perfume - any information would be greatly appreciated !! Just wondering why something so beautiful has been discontinued .....

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    Default Re: Help identifying Montale perfume

    hmm, i did not even know that they use non-aluminum bottles. sounds interesting, for sure!
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    Default Re: Help identifying Montale perfume

    Perfumed Court used to have it (from a google search). They said it was part of the lines Montale sold only in the Middle East:

    "Deluziont des Femmes is a spectacularly beautiful floral fragrance. We're still researching the notes of this scent, which is part of Montale's line of fragrances sold only in the Middle East."

    Backup of their page:

    They are out of stock now.

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    Default Re: Help identifying Montale perfume

    Beltz, thank you for that bit of info - I shall cherish this fragrance as it is beautiful as it is obscure and also reminds me of a wonderful holiday when I found this - if anyone is into Montale, I do urge you to search for it - realy lovely fragrance ....

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    Default Re: Help identifying Montale perfume

    Yes, two versions of Deluziont were produced back in 2006 as a limited release for sale only in the Persian Gulf region. I have the version for men, which is a jasmine based floral. From your description it sounds like the male and female versions might be rather closely related.

    This was a group of six fragrances released then, three for women and three for men, all having similar bottles. The names of the others for men are Aragon, an aquatic oud, and Tristan, a leathery oud. I'm not sure if there were womens' versions of these or if they had other names. It think they probably had different names, as Aragon and Tristan are probably too masculine sounding to refer to feminine perfumes.

    I remember at the time I bought Deluziont Les Hommes the SA told me that both masculine and femine versions were flying off the shelves. At that time they were among the most popular perfumes around.

    I wish now I had bought the others, but I had no idea that they would disappear so quickly. From the time I discovered them to the time they completely disappeared from the local market was only a matter of several weeks. If I remember correctly I think the prices for all of the products were quite reasonable.

    I too have not been able to find any info on the Web about these products.

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