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    Default SotD Sunday 31 May


    The Kashmiri Song...."Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar....."
    A fragrance made for dreams, timeless beauty.

    Wordie, great to have a caring mother around you.
    Jasper, enjoy your trip back home!

    Have a wonderful Sunday all

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Good morning Riannon! How good you must smell today.

    I'm unscented today because I proparbly will be in the sun.
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    This is such a good-looking thread already! I love the photos and the Shalimar looks stunning. Have a good day in the sun, Novis!

    I have started out sampling Delrae Eau Illuminee but sadly abandonned it when the opening notes became more than my pre-tea head could take. Next to try is PdR Diabolo Rose. It's going to be a gorgeous day today, but lots of housework to get through before I can enjoy it! Have a lovely Sunday, all.
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Good morning, ladies! Have you noticed Ms Q's new "Pooped Out" avatar with a cocktail on the tummy? Sounds like she is a very deserving candidate after all the work she and hubby did in the garden. Also, RHM, please post some of the pictures of your roses if you would please? (We need to open up a new and ongoing thread in the OT, perhaps, something like "Green Thumb Corner" -- to brag about our achievements as far as flowers, herbs, fruit, veggies and whatever else we might grow, with either plain texts or photos, how's this for an idea?)

    Going to work in a couple of hours. Most probably in 10 Corso Como. Have a nice and sunny Sunday, the last day of calendar spring!
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    citron citron - miller harris
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Ava Luxe No 23 - I want to see how this works in warmer weather.

    Have a great day
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    I'm streamlining my collection
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Amorito this morning, this evening I gave into curiosity inspired by the trailer park hooker thread. Bandit + Bvlgari Black + Jillsy's skin = warm leather + rubber + smooth skin kinda musk + tiny bit of vanilla. Interesting, the Black softens the harsh Bandit. Methinks me likey!

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Purity and refreshment: Caldey Island Lavender Water
    "Perfume is the dream that carries me."

    There is always the sky to look at

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Dolce & Gabbana Feminine, from a huge decant sent to me ages ago by Musse, my fairy scent-godmother. It's a floral/white musk that I can actually wear.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

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    I smell something

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Chanel Coromandel

    Have a lovely Sunday, all!
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Mandarine Basilic for groceries shopping early in the morning
    Tuberose Gardenia for high tea

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Cool Water this AM.

    Symbolically girding my loins for the long awaited and somewhat daunting late Spring Cleaning.
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, layered with a bit of vanilla body oil to mellow the first few hours out of respect to my overactive allergies.

    Dmitri...I can't wait until my sample of Amethyst arrives! I have a feel it's really going to get along well with the hot, hot weather we're having here.
    "Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form." - Alexander Skarsgård
    Looking to try Les Senteurs Gourmandes Musc Blanc, Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Intense, Chanel Beige and...everything else!

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Big conference week for me this week. Both near home.
    I'm the "official conference blogger" at one of them.

    If you all are curious about what I am up to - here is the link to my "professional" blog.

    Oh - and I'm starting a CrossFit class too! Combination of bar gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, bootcamp and torture. Had to do SOMETHING to get motivated to work out again.


    It all starts today. So I may be quiet on the boards this week.

    Wordbird - Glad the surgery went well. Remember to take it easy!

    Satellite Padapra.....whatever... still a beautiful woody scent.

    Have a great week y'all!
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Finally getting a chance to post! It's been crazy at our house....lots of company for Daughter No.1's High School Graduation last weekend and company that stayed on to visit longer!

    Wearing Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia from a sample today.

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    :wave:sakecat22! Hooray for crossfit! I started with a class like this in January of 2008, and now I'm dedicated to good health and fitness! My first class, the instructor said 'okay team, let's start out with 150 squats'. I started laughing, thinking it was a joke... it was no joke! My body felt paralyzed with siezed up muscles for the first 2 weeks, but after that it's just the good sore - when you've worked your body well. So, no matter what happens, try to give it at least a month, you won't regret it! My dad always says "It's better to wear away than rust away"! True.

    kbe - you'll be glad when it's done!

    At noon is my sons U10 soccer tournament game, I'll be wearing a bit of sunscreen & some Myrrhe-Made Blossom (my own creation!) Happy day everyone!

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    O de Lancome.

    This weather just demands it!
    This week, 'Chanel Cuir de Russie: Skin Scent' at

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Oh, I just can't decide. MKK or Vamp? I think I will go with MKK...

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Hey, wild things...

    I'm in between BATHS, LOL.
    Wearing Givenchy III- a glorious green, but only EDT.
    [I would love the extrait, I'm sure...if I could find it.]

    Kisses to all-
    Wordie, Brielle, all you angels out there.

    [OK now...TURN OVER !]

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Hebe, I tried Diabolo rose yesterday. Loved it. Very light and pretty. The mint is used effectively. Very nice. FBW I think. I was also surprised to enjoy Praline Rose so much as I'm rebelling against the trend that all perfume must smell like candy. I couldn't help it though, I liked it.

    I think I'm wearing Lush Karma today, but I may change my mind by the time the spraying starts.

    Or Oh!!!! Chanel 19. That sounds cool and wonderful.
    There is a singular joy in the experience of receiving perfume by mail. It is one of life's great little pleasures - one that more should have the pleasure of knowing.

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Oh yes debbborra, I am still considering buying Diabolo Rose. Of all the Rosines that one was my favorite. I find it whimsical.

    Today I'm wearing Coty Muguet des Bois parfum. The remnants of a small, older bottle.

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    LezNez Manoumalia, which doesnt really match what is a sunny, fresh, windy early summer day here in Montreal, but which I am enjoying all the same.
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Good morning!

    I'm in KAI OIL this morning. I seem to be reaching for this one a lot in this warm weather.

    Glad to hear your on the mend WORDBIRD.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
    "Woe to the one who's love of elixirs, grows into madness"

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    I was just coming on to update! I tried Diabolo Rose on one wrist and Angeliques sous la Pluie on the other. I could't get on with the Angeliques, but I loved the Diabolo Rose. So fresh and pretty and such a gorgeous rose. I adored it. It's going back on as soon as the sunblock comes off.

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Piguet Musk Blanc Femme
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    I am Riannon's scent twin in pure,raw Shalimar . . . uncut and uncensored! ;-) Working this afternoon, then off to interview a lounge/bohemian/jazz/alt concept band afterward.
    Ethereal Delights: Alien, Black Orchid, Magical Moon, Noa, Anisia Bella, Hypnotic Poison
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    A little bit late, but happy Sunday to all of you. :wave:

    I'm in L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc for the last day of a discovery week of this house.
    Quite far from what I normally enjoy, but a pleasant, uncomplicated fragrance by all means. And it has a little bit more staying power than most L'Artisans.
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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Quote Originally Posted by Zibeline View Post
    Piguet Musk Blanc Femme
    Now, this sounds VERY alluring! Is it new, Z?
    This week, 'Chanel Cuir de Russie: Skin Scent' at

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    Default Re: SotD Sunday 31 May

    Hello everybody Today the weather is awful! Rainy and very windy!! It was hard to get up getting ready for work.Really grateful that my dad gave me a lift! Then I could sleep another hour or so Sotd was Habit Rouge.SotE is Musc Ravageur.

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