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    Default Batch numbers on the box & bottle

    Is it possible for a designer scent NOT to have a batch number on the box and the bottle (or just on the box)? Today I saw bottles of YSL Body Kouros and YSL Live Jazz not having a batch number on the box. The seller said that they wer old stock. He didn't allow me to open the box to check the bottle or if the batch number was inside (like Canali Black Diamond). Hence, I canceled my purchase.

    I also found Tea Rose by Perfumer's Workshop 1oz and 4oz bottles that have batch numbers on the box, but not on the bottle.

    Are they legit?

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    Default Re: Batch numbers on the box & bottle

    I just saw more interesting stuffs at another shop: Tenere, One Man Show, Pierre Cardin, Gucci Nobile, Gucci PH, etc. Some of them did not have batch numbers on the bottle and some had blurry/almost missing batch numbers. Is it possible for old bottles to loose the batch numbers (or actually not having any)?

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    Default Re: Batch numbers on the box & bottle

    These are what they call the "gray/grey market". Sometimes they are legit, sometimes they are really old stock, sometimes... well, they real and someone opened up the box, removed the numbers and resealed it so that the numbers can't be traced.

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