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    Thumbs up Flea Market Findings

    I know a lot of us regularily visit Flea Markets; so why not have a thread displaying our Flea Market findings? It could be a combination of "help me identify this bottle-", "today I bought-" and "general bragging"- thread .

    Today I bought:
    Gucci No 1 (lady´s 1974) full in box. 2,50 USD.
    Ébčne by Pierre Balmain 50 ml (very) scented after shave,full in box. 11 USD.
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    Default Re: Flea Market Findings

    You lucky guy. Funny enough I went to a rather large flea market last month with such high hopes and found absolutely nothing. I think it's a great idea, perhaps you can find a diamond in the rough, someone selling something that they don't realize the value of, but there wasn't even empty perfume bottles at the flea market I visited.
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