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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    I'm wearing Coney Island today.
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Quote Originally Posted by chayaruchama View Post
    Bless you, girl !
    I, too- am not wired for the swelter-
    Especially, in our non-tropical society, which INSISTS on rushing about , like decapitated chickens, LOL.
    INSTEAD of slowing the pace a bit, sensibly.

    [Probably, also a touch of sour grapes-
    in that summer has never signalled 'vacation' for me.
    Only working harder than ever.]

    End of rant.
    Thank you, Chaya and thank you, BlackCat! I feel better (not cooler, just better) knowing you are on my side!

    Exquisitely Me, I am thinking good thoughts for you. (Not cooler thoughts, just good thoughts.) I hope things turn around for you, soon.
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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Wearing Yves Rocher Rose Absolue in the PM
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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Tocade by Rochas extract

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Hi all and here's to warm days (or staying cool, whatever your preference).

    Today I'm wearing my first test of Fougères Marines by Montale.

    It started off with a really odd metalic artificial lemon mixed with some murky green - like a mix of eaucalyptus mint. Over time, some moss came in and balanced everything a bit.

    Overall, this is kind of like Creed's Millesime Imperial, but with an old-school feel from the mint/moss combo.

    Not my cup of tea (I don't care for the metalic citrus thing), but an interesting experiment in fusing modern ideas with classic technique.
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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Quote Originally Posted by Lessa View Post
    Chocolate, good music, not answering the phone, more chocolate. Chocolate pudding.
    More excellent advice, thank you!!

    Off to have a chocolaty
    Comme l'amour, le parfum doit captiver la femme dès le premier contact---André Fraysse

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    SOTE is Fracas!

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Eau de Patou pour Homme tonight

    Adapted from the_good_life's review of Eau de Patou:

    Top Notes: Lemon, Lime (Bergamot, Mandarin, Basil, Aldehyde)
    Middle Notes: Jasmin, Patchouli (Iris, Clove, Fruit note, Cedarwood)
    Base Notes: Moss, Musk (Amber, Civet, Labdanum)
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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    SotD was Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Rouge. I am sad to say that this too reminds me of stressful times while in school...I am not sure I feel comfortable wearing it anymore. I wonder how many more scents in my wardrobe will have this fate?

    SotE is MPG Ambre Precieux...taking a break from heavy patchouli notes.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Ubu, you smell good! I fell in love with Fracas at first sniff!

    You, too, Coconut! Tocade extract? How delicious that must smell!

    exquisitely me, hang in there. I hope the evening finds you with good news.

    Work can be a real bear sometimes, y'know?

    SotD was (and surprisingly still is, just barely...) Gap Heaven. It's like a big, clean white bouquet tied with a blue gingham ribbon!

    A relaxing evening to everyone.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Antaeus (Chanel)

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Polo Blue Pour Homme by RL

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    SotE is Green Tea Revitalize to help me cool off after a really hot day.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Hugs to everybody. Best wishes for a peaceful week.
    Today I wore Allure Sensuelle. A little strong for my temporary office. Oh well, I need to be more careful with perfume choices while I am there.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Off to bed with an extra shot of Dzongkha. Blissful!

    Tomorrow is a big day for my sweet husband, Fred. It is is birthday, and his last day of work. He is excited about retirement, and has been counting the days for months! (His slightly younger wife will have to work a little longer. I guess I should be happy to be employed, but I can't help being a little bit envious!

    Sweet dreams to all!

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 1 June

    Wearing Trouble tonight.

    I thought I'd do something different this time. I put my frag on like most people. I just don't get the whiffs throughout the day like I do when I apply the frag my way. I wear perfume for myself and I love when I smell it throughout the day. I can see why some folks get fustrated when they apply their frag and it doesn't seem to last. Even when I stick my nose in my shirt, I don't get the intensity I get with my application. It's not a shamless plug lol. It's just an observation. I've been wearing perfume like this for as long as I can remember. I just wanted to try something different.
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