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    Default Question about Hypnose for Women (also: seeking the EDT!)

    Hello Ladies,

    I remember falling head over heels for Hypnose when it first came out. A couple years later a (now ex) girlfriend picked up a bottle after hearing how I raved about it, but it never quite seemed the same as I remembered and while I liked it it just didn't have the magic I recalled. I thought it was just that my nose had changed, but just now I realized that there is (was? It seems rare now) an EDT version, and also an EDP version.

    We are still friends so I got her to confirm that she has the EDP, but I think it was the EDT that I fell for. I read in a comment posted to the review of Hypnose that the EDT was lighter, more sheer, and toned down on the sweetness and gourmand notes.

    Does anyone out there own the EDT that might be willing to send me a sample? I'm tempted to splurge and pick up a bottle (or two) of it as it seems it is discontinued and becoming rare and I believe it is the version I fell for, but it's fairly pricey and I want to make sure I'm getting what I think I'm getting. I'd be willing to pay for a sample.

    If anyone has tried both can you comment on the differences you noticed? Thank you!
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    Default Re: Question about Hypnose for Women (also: seeking the EDT!)

    I have the EDP. If you'd like to try it again and don't feel like asking your ex for a sample, I can send you one. I remember seeing the EDT at Marshall's and TJMaxx about one year ago for $20-30. It has a lighter color-Hypnose Sheer. I did not try it. Sorry.
    A quick search and I found it here for $40:
    I am sure there is better price out there.

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    Default Re: Question about Hypnose for Women (also: seeking the EDT!)

    Thanks for the reply DarkDreams and the offer. I may end up taking you up on that.

    I don't think the Hypnose Sheer is the same thing as the EDT though because all references I've seen to the Sheer still label it as an EDP (such as here on Amazon: As far as I understand from what I've been able to round up, the sheer version added some citrus and guava to the top and perhaps tweaked it all a bit to make it lighter and more summery.

    I have seen some pictures and listings for the original Hypnose, just as an EDT. The packaging and bottle look the same, although the color of the juice is a slightly lighter purple than the EDP. It's really hard to find much information on this at all, and it is not listed on the Lancome site (although neither is the sheer version, only the EDP is listed).
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    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

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    Default Re: Question about Hypnose for Women (also: seeking the EDT!)

    You could be right. Maybe there are in fact 3 versions.
    But, the sheer version bottle did look exactly like the EDP only with a lighter purple color. I remember I had to look at the bottle twice before noticing the "sheer" writting. It also says "eau legere" which to me seems incompatible with EDP. Perhaps there is a mistake in some of the listings? The box was made of transparent plastic. I am sorry I can't be of more help.

    Please PM your address so I can send you a sample.

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    Default Re: Question about Hypnose for Women (also: seeking the EDT!)

    Hi SculptureOfSoul -

    I looked up discontinued Lancome fragrances on the Lancome website, and they list Hypnose Sheer as being discontinued, but there was no mention of Hypnose EDT. After a Google search of Hypnose, it looks to me that the "women's" version of Hypnose has only been produced as an EDP and the Sheer.

    However, there is a "men's" version: Hypnose Pour Homme, which is an EDT. Perhaps that's what you tried previously? The notes are different from the Hypnose EDP, so maybe the Pour Homme has that magic you remember and liked so much. It doesn't appear to have been discontinued, so you should be able to find it easily in the stores, and of course you can get a d****t at:

    By the way, thank you so much for posting your query. Because of it, I retried the EDP which like most other reviewers apparently, I had found pleasant, but unremarkable. Now, however, as I've developed a strong love for vetiver, and appreciate vanilla more than previously, I find this scent beautiful, and perfect for summer, as it's not a heavy oriental, but instead, has a tropical feeling to it that I now find soft and "evening sexy'.
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    Default Re: Question about Hypnose for Women (also: seeking the EDT!)

    Yes, pour Homme is EDT. I see it at TJMax all the time. But it has no similarity to the women's version. To my nose at least.

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