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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    I went down to Orlando yesterday. Orlando is quite a drive (two hours plus) that takes me from what I have helpfully termed Ruralia to a terrifying fake city that has Oz-like qualities for me because it is has the best shopping in Florida; it has become a destination to which I point myself when I feel as if I need a reminder that I did used to live in Los Angeles. That's the once-upon-a-time part that keeps me hurtling southwards on the I-75 despite the knowledge that niche fragrances other than Bond are not available.

    Orlando is a manicured sprawl that I find somewhat disturbing. There is a Whole Foods (a beacon, truly) that can only be accessed from this major highway by finding a way to cycle around Universal Studios. There is the Mall at Millennia, now an oasis of desperation since it contains Neiman's and Bloomingdale's and we all know they can't give anything away these days. The Florida Mall mirrors a crappy mall in Tampa by having a Saks anchor in a mid-range, generic mall; this Saks has had the best selection of fragrance in Central Florida. Then there are two outlet malls (Prime and Premium) that are full of merchandise made expressly for them and a much-admired Barney's Outlet that, upon inspection, is out of style by a full season and at that unexciting.

    Everything new in Orlando reeks of urban planning. Condo complexes handily adjacent to the Millennia Mall ride high on grass that appears to have been subjected to a Marine buzz cut. A distinct lack of trees marks these complexes that have no resort but to bake in the sun. Across the boulevard are small ranch-type homes from the 1960s in complexes with upscale names like Carrollwood or Windfield; these appear now to be Hispanic neighborhoods that must feel forced to admire the thrust of those condos across the street. Elsewhere, shabby little circles and drives loop you by out-of-business gas stations and confusing street signs; all roads lead either to one of the entertainment meccas or to International Drive (which, for your perfumistas, has two of those stores that sell mainstream scents and a form of smell-a-like with the most hopeful packaging. This is not Parfums de Coeur territory. I have some idea that they wish people would buy these imitations bec. I am fairly sure the markup on them is higher).

    Sometimes I have the impression that the whole of Orlando is an urban biosphere that is watched, 24 hours a day, by a giant, all-seeing eye. It's suspiciously clean, especially where money might be spent. Everything gleams, and it isn't just that blinding sun making everything appear so sterile. Bathrooms are spotless and there is every effort made to dazzle the shopper with spectacle, even if said spectacle is merely a discount coupon or a free chicken wing as you walk, blinded, past a chain restaurant that has on its "porch" a man with a big white smile who appears to be playing Calypso music. He's dressed in a tropical shirt that has pineapples on it and he is probably tuneless; behind him he has a boombox that plays the music while he makes excited trills on the steelpan and inveigles you to do something foolish, like eating at that restaurant.

    Elsewhere, have you ever been lost on one of those roads in Disney or Universal? They are all designed so you cannot escape. If you try, you will be met with a strict motoring code that virtually ensures you are delivered right back to the front gate: No U-turn, no left turn, no turn on red, turn back, O, Man, to the temple gates!

    It is by this system that the lost motorist is mandated to do something illegal. The ticket will arrive in six weeks, in the mail. One day this system will be improved and the ticket will arrive immediately on your cell phone, but please don't try to view this while you are still trying to escape. We don't want you to leave. We love you.

    A couple of friends of mine went to Disney for a birthday. The birthday girl got in free and the pair split a Caesar salad. These two are fairly poor and have no fixed address. They tour with medieval fairs, enacting a skit with a mythological creature that has been made out of insulation material and cardboard. They spent two hundred dollars the day they went to Disney, and as Lisa was telling me about their outing, all I could think was: That would have bought most of a bottle of Attrape Coeur.

    I bought Stella body cream, something I've wanted since my rediscovery of Stella some months ago. The scent is true to the parfum and I find its sharpness to be sublime. I think I will wear it when I take another road trip, this time to rural Alabama. The South is a weird place. There is much to miss out on.

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Dzongkha - L'Artisan Parfumeur
    ~ Anais ~

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Orion! Love your hearing about your trippy trip to the malls. I think the fake facade in this country that the powers that be want us to swallow is starting to come undone. I think we've been had, but I also think people are starting to wake up to what is really going on. I dont mean to sound cryptic but I think it's high time we take this country back from the swindlers! Just say'in.

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Quote Originally Posted by ChantillyLace View Post
    Orion! Love your hearing about your trippy trip to the malls. I think the fake facade in this country that the powers that be want us to swallow is starting to come undone.
    I, too, read Orion's post with interest, having visited Florida a few times in recent years and being the art director of a magazine for that state's plumbing-heating-cooling trades (which means I know more about their building codes than any northern woman should). I think Disney's storefronts inspired the retooling of strip malls everywhere. And while that imagined-Old World styling is more pleasing than some incarnations, all is facade. Here's hoping authentic regionalism gains appreciation. The sign in front of our house reads: On this site a sense of history prevails: in architecture, artifact, landscape and wildlife.

    Dismounts soap box.

    To make this post an honest placement, maybe I should go buy something?
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    a 10ml. mini of Eau de Rochas EDT.

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    I purchased a 1 oz. bottle of Estee Lauder's Pleasures Delight. And a nice fraggie friend RAOK'ed me her bottle of Lanvin's Rumeur edp, which I'm looking forward to giving a proper wearing. It's so weird, I think I love it.

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Dior Escale a Pondichéry

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    I bought a Prada 1.7 EDP with 8 lip balms for 19.99 at TJMaxx today.
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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Ayala Moriel parfum - a gift from my DH.
    Petty small minded people have no place in my life.
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    Smile Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Ricci Man Vintage.

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    It was a happy day!
    My order from parfum1 came today!
    All were well researched blind buys.

    Caron - Bellodgia edp.
    Caron - Montaigne edp.
    Ombre Rose edt.
    Theorema Esprit D' ete.

    With the 25% off it all came to $81.00. No shipping.
    Time to start sniffing!

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Quote Originally Posted by Zibeline View Post
    I bought a Prada 1.7 EDP with 8 lip balms for 19.99 at TJMaxx today.
    Wowsers Zib! That is an incredible steal!

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    I just bought a bottle of L'Eau Trois to share with a few friends. I just don't know whether I hate myself more for buying it at such a ridiculous price or that I agreed to take just 20ml.
    I also wonder if that's going to be the "Maggi" version or not.

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    Just did a blind buy of Tauer Une Rose Chyprée with a combination of a luckyscent gift certificate and money I "earned" by working out (I pay myself $1 for every mile on the treadmill).

    I was trying to decide between URC and Etat Libre d'Orange Jasmin et Cigarette. Given all the love for the latter showing up in today's thread, I hope I didn't make a mistake. Oh well, I guess there's always swaps if it doesn't work out.
    For sale: JL Scherrer parfum (reduced price) and more!

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    Default Re: June 2009 ~ Purchases

    I bought Jasmine et Ciggarette blind of a bn-er, so if I dont like it you'll probably see it on the marketplace in due time. I hope I like it though :P
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
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