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    Default Skin chemistry and the "rotten fruit" note.

    Some frags that BNers have claimed have a "rotten fruit" note work fine on me (examples: Burberry London for men and Jazz Prestige), and I think this is a great instance of the role skin chemistry plays. I think one major factor may be diet. I totally avoid fried/greasy food and try to eat healthy all the time. One person I know who doesn't have a healthy diet and eats plenty of greasy or fried foods, however, does seem to have this rotten fruit note issue. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Skin chemistry and the "rotten fruit" note.

    Well... I also think it's obvious that diet has an impact on your skin. Fragrances usually smell "as expected" on me. I eat extremely healthy IMO, but what's healthy depends on your point of view.

    Some people say vegan, others say macrobiotic... I say low carb with some vegetables, ample animal proteins and plenty of natural fats like butter, coconut oil and olive oil! Absolutely no grains, margarines or modern vegetable oils like canola or soy...

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