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    Default Sample Vials - Dipstick or not?

    When it comes to sample vials, do you like them to have a dipstick attached to the cap, or not? And why?

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    Default Re: Sample Vials - Dipstick or not?

    The "dipsticks" or applicator wands aren't necessary, however they are useful in controling the amount of fragrance you want to apply. I personally appreciate the dipsticks, however they aren't necessary IMO.
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    Default Re: Sample Vials - Dipstick or not?

    I agree with L'aventurier. Best of all are samples in atomizers.

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    Default Re: Sample Vials - Dipstick or not?

    I like dipstick ones because I can try a tiny bit first in case I want to scrub.
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    Default Re: Sample Vials - Dipstick or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by 30 Roses View Post
    I agree with L'aventurier. Best of all are samples in atomizers.
    Yes. Atomizers are my absolute favorite. Many will stand up to multiple refills if I end up bottling on the fragrance. Dipsticks are nice, and particularly for rich, powerful scents, where a fraction of a drop is all I want. I also find that they help to contain the fragrance by drip-back from the cap to the inside of the neck after opening. An old chem-lab trick (used with ground glass stoppers) that I truly appreciate.

    This thread's title caught me off-guard. My first thought was that sample vials don't make very good dipsticks, except perhaps the really long Hermès samples in the case of motorcycles.
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