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    Default The closest surviving relative of Nombre Noir...

    I've been reading about the affection that people have for Nombre Noir for so long and their dismay and hopelessness about it's discontinuation. I was wondering what is the closest surviving relative of Nombre Noir?

    Luca Turin detected that Japan Noir's structure is similiar to NN but with a touch of osmanthus but more opaqe and less affecting.
    Also he stated that Kisu, a woody rose, is done in the manner of NN, but overlaid on a banal green chypre structure that shows through.
    He also mentioned that Noir Epices's drydown is distantly reminescent of NN's.
    He mentioned that Rose de Nuit would resemble NN if a ton of osmanthus would be added.

    How close are his depictions? Is he on point?

    Dammit! I really want to smell this one!!!!!
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    Default Re: The closest surviving relative of Nombre Noir...

    nothin folks?

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    Default Re: The closest surviving relative of Nombre Noir...

    if there is someone who could answer that for you, it's Griff. apparently he has 30 (or was it 50?) or more backup bottles of Nombre Noir...try dropping him a PM or if you are lucky he may just post here...

    i, like everyone here was/is curious (madly?) about Nombre Noir...and was once close to picking up the miniature of the same..but eventually dropped out since i wasnt sure if the juice would be in good condition...i just didnt want the wrong impression of this much devout and seeked after scent.

    of what i have read so far, it's a delicate, creamy, floral scent which stays close to skin. people often compare the creaminess of this scent to Nivea body cream. i have also read (here on basenotes) that the main reason for it getting discontinued was coz the juice was gettign very hard to store due to some special kinda of synthesis and ingredients it used (i may not be able to put it across as other experts did, but just food for thought...searches on BN should lead to to this page) hence the deep black special container to keep it is also said that, the same manufacturing process and that special ingredient was used in Christian Diors Poison. ...this one keeps eluding everyone....and the mystery is here to stay...

    well, thats about it...a post full of broken info.
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    Default Re: The closest surviving relative of Nombre Noir...

    It`s better described as dark rose+fruity chypre - like, Mitsouko where peaches were substituted by roses and osmanthus. Or very vintage 1000 Jean Patou.

    I`m not so good in Rose Frags (I do not like roses usually), but Noir Epices definitely goes different direction.
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: The closest surviving relative of Nombre Noir...

    Thanks for the info guys! One things I've learned just recently is to not go CRAZY with extremely hard to find frags; I might just fall in love! Patou Pour Homme recently just did that to me!

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