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    Default Love in White lotion

    Any reviews of Creed's Love in White lotion?

    Not from the legion of haters - and I know there are many - but from those who actually appreciate this much maligned fragrance? I love the fragrance, but not the price. The lotion is somewhat more reasonable, but I'm curious to hear how it compares to the fragrance and what the quality of the lotion is.

    BTW - I'm a newbie here, but is it just me or is Creed-hating a national sport on Basenotes?

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    Default Re: Love in White lotion

    i'm not a creed hater for sure, but i did not particularly like the three women's scents i tried -- love in black, vanisia and irisia (no iris in this one!).

    also, creed is notorious for being counterfeited so maybe some of the negative reviews on the men's board here on basenotes are due to the 'wrong' juice being tested?

    i did not try the love in white lotion, but i generally find the lotions (at least the designer ones) to be of poor value -- fragrance, even if expensive, will last you a year (say, 100 ml) while the lotion maybe a few months? i don't buy lotions unless they are part of a set.
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    Default Re: Love in White lotion

    I'm sorry I don't know about the lotion, but I just had to write because Kess didn't like the 3 Creeds I'm enjoying the most now!

    I know, different strokes for different folks, but I'm mesmerized by the watery peppery florals of Irisia (and no powder - woo hoo!), enchanted by the vanilla/ambergris/cinnamon of Vanisia, and hypnotized by the brazen purple violet aldehyde haze of Love In Black.

    But, before people accuse me of working for Creed, I've quite disliked almost all of their mens' offerings, including some well-loved holy grails.

    The mens' forum here seems quite polarized by Creed, while the womens' forum seems to not really care about them.

    Oh well. More for us!
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