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    I don’t know if it’s body chemistry or something else, but once in a while I’ll be wearing a favorite scent, and out of the blue, and with nobody in close proximity, I’ll get a delightful whiff of some other favorite of mine. It seems to emanate from the scent I’m wearing.

    I wonder if our favorites over time find a common thread in our metabolism... or the faves that we are attracted to in the first place have an existing resonance with our chemistry. Has anyone experienced this phenomenon - smelling the shadow of one favorite in the presence of another? Is it an olfactory illusion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by frug View Post
    Has anyone experienced this phenomenon - smelling the shadow of one favorite in the presence of another? Is it an olfactory illusion?
    Actually, yes. This has happened to me a few times. I'm not sure if the 'scent flash' is due to SOTD I may be wearing - never stopped to consider that (sometimes don't wear one) but on occasion I will get a quick flash of something and stop to figure out what it is.was and realise it may be something I wore or smelt a few months ago. Puzzling. I'm wondering if it may be because I am more conscios of scents now than before and a the 'picture' of a scent comes like sometimes a melody or a phrase someone spoke out of the blue - there's a trigger, heightened sensitivity, subconscious activity?

    I'm also wondering if I'm getting a glimpse of how maybe perfumers or professionals 'think' in smells . . . it's a new sensation as I'm new to exploring scents. May be something much more mundane but intriguing stuff. Reading 'What the Nose Knows' right njow - maybe an answer will turn up there . . .
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    DustB wrote a similar thread here about experiencing the smell of Antaeus in the outdoors.

    Phantom smells happens to me a lot too.
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