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    Cool Can't Keep Them From Going!

    So now that summer is here (85 yesterday and looks to be about the same today) I've run into some problems..

    In the humidity I perspire a LOT.. usually I wear a t-shirt underneath my polo/dress shirts. Also, when I'm driving around - I'll have the sunroof and all windows open. AC is great, but I try to avoid it when I can.

    So between the perspiration and driving around with the windows open, etc. I'm thinking that my fragrances aren't sticking to me - rather I'm melting them off and they're evaporating/disappearing rapidly. Is the cure frequent reapplications? More cowbell?

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    I have the same problem, although it doesn't stem from perspiration. I have to travel a considerable lot to the workplace, and during the travel a lot of wind blowing onto me in Trains, Buses etc tend to wipe off the scent I spray when I step out of home. Our hot and humid weather is another problem.

    The only solution I've found is -- to carry an atomizer to reapply when I arrive at the workplace. Reapply again post lunch if required.

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    Default Re: Can't Keep Them From Going!

    Sweating, showers, monsoons doesn't remove Geir. I wish he'd make a "Geir Dry" version and take out most of the cloying sweetness.
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    Default Re: Can't Keep Them From Going!

    Cowbell is the definite solution to this problem.

    Spraying on your clothes might help (in addition to Amit's suggestion).
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