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    Default Agua de Pravia, Heno de Pravia flanker

    Until some months ago, Perfumerías Gal manufactured the usual Heno de Pravia and a concentrated verision of it -- Heno de Pravia Concentrada. Differences wer sutile between both. Since both Eau de Cologne, sillage and longevity were limited.

    They discontinued the concentrated version and launched Agua de Pravia, a flanker. It is a traditional Eau de Cologne, with citric top notes. The point that gets my attention are the base notes, they are similar to those of Diorella and Eau Sauvage... animalic? leathery? Thus, if you like both, chances are you will enjoy this one.

    150 ml (6.6 OZ) splash bottle is USD 9.
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    Default Re: Agua de Pravia, Heno de Pravia flanker

    Where can I find this? Also do you know anything about Tito Bluni?

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    Default Re: Agua de Pravia, Heno de Pravia flanker

    Added Agua de Pravia to the directory, awaiting approval.

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