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    Default Mistral Eau de Parfum - 7 fragrances

    Mistral Eau de Parfum
    1. Balinese Vanilla: geranium, amber, exotic woods, patchouli.
    2. Gardenia: gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom, cedarwood, vanilla
    3. Grapefruit Red Currant: grapefruit, red currant, white jasmine, lemon blossom, freesia.
    4. Litchi Rose / Lychee Rose
    5. South Seas: citrus, ocean breeze, white flowers, warm woods
    6. Verbena Flower: verbena, mint, ginger, cardamom, white rose, Italian lemon
    7. Wild Blackberry: blackberry, grenadine, lemon, orange, violet leaves, vanilla, musk.

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    Default Re: Mistral Eau de Parfum - 7 fragrances

    They have an "Atelier Perfume" collection too:

    Belle Fleur
    Reve D'Or

    I tried RÍve D'or tonight and really liked it.

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    Default Re: Mistral Eau de Parfum - 7 fragrances

    Added to the directory, awaiting approval.

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