6 of them, all released 2009. All extraits at 20% concentration.


Female fragrances:

Ambra Iris
Patchouli, Amber, Florentine Iris, Myrrh
"Amber and Iris - Deep elegance of a refined femininity"

Rosa Cassis
Cassis, Southern Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Bigarade Orange
"Rose and Cassis - Scents of a sweet and romantic emotion"

Bergamotto Mirto
Bergamot, Orange Flowers, Sea Myrtle, Clover
"Bergamot and Myrtle - Evanescent and ethereal spellbound atmospheres of air and water"

Male Fragrances:

Vetiver Poivre
Pepper and Spices, Grey Amber, Vetiver
"Vetiver and Pepper - Power of a definite character"

Gigember Estragone
Mint Leaves, Gigember, Lime, Estragone
"Gigember and Estragone - Refined rarity"

Zagara Patchouli
White Pepper, Mint Leaves, Orange Flowers, Bergamot, Patchouli
"Zagara and Patchouli - Precious discretion"