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    Default Found a gem in my stash: Guirlandes by Carven

    If you've collected perfume for the majority of your years on earth, I guess you can be forgiven for forgetting or neglecting certain items that have drifted to the far corners of your stash. I bought Carven's Guirlandes in the mid-1990's, tried it, wasn't wowed by it, but kept it for the usual reasons (loved the bottle, didn't have an appropriate bestowee, etc.). So glad I did. When I had one of the drawers of my little perfume cabinet open this weekend, the beautiful floral design (hot pink and red on a white background) of Guirlandes' box caught my eye and I drew it out. I sprayed a bit on my arm immediately and then yesterday I wore liberally it as my SOTD.

    Guirlandes is an edt and opens with a bright, very natural smelling jasmine much in the style of Montale's Jasmin Full. There are green notes that join in quickly, then a honeysuckle-type additional floral note as the scent warms on the skin. There is a bit of tuberose in there as well, but it does not overtake the other notes so much to give a tuberose i.d. to the whole scent. The jasmine does not turn sultry or indolic. This scent does not burn down to embers - once the heart note is reached, it drifts off in a fainter version until it's gone. There is no musk or vanilla drydown, no jas-nilla, thank god. For comparison, think Fidji by Laroche with a more muscular floral in the top note. I liked my wearing of Guirlandes a lot yesterday - but then I've come a long way in my appreciation of predominantly floral fragrances.

    What interests me is that Carven positioned Guirlandes at its inception in the early '80s to be a first "real" fragrance for young ladies in their late teens and early twenties. Sort of what Patou intended with Câline, but more so. Such a far, far cry from the insipid fruit cocktails and cotton candy of today. Guirlandes strikes me as a perfect gateway drug for an appreciation of real-lady, big-girl white florals and chic green florals. A training bra for Fracas, if you will. I'm going to forget about finding the appropriate fifteen year old to gift it to, though. This one is mine, and I'm going to give it more love from now on.

    If there's a moral to this story, it's to shop my stash more often rather than outlaying more money for new items.
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    Default Re: Found a gem in my stash: Guirlandes by Carven

    Good for you. I also sometimes get more into looking for new stuff to try instead of trying what I already have. I have no clue what that is about!

    It's fun to hear about Guirlinades. I was just looking at something like this for sale on Ebay. I hope you paste this into the review section! Thanks.
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    Default Re: Found a gem in my stash: Guirlandes by Carven

    I can't believe I found this thread. I bought a bottle of this in Paris when I was in high school, and I thought I was the only person on earth who has ever worn it...but then, I found basenotes. I'm off to locate another bottle...

    PS Guirlandes is French for garlands.

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