I don't usually bother posting links to perfume commercials. You can catch the latest through other venues, such as NowSmellThis. Further, perfume commercials tend to involve some peculiar romance-novel scenario to which I relate not at all. L'Occitance commercials, on the other hand, focus on the fragrance, which is what I do when I smell/wear perfumes, so I appreciate their spirit, the following videos' visual imagery and stirring musical backgrounds. Here are some productions I hope you'll find stimulating.

Ruban d'Orange (1:03 minutes) commercial

Notre Flore (1:31 minutes) commercial

General company promo (3:21 minutes) and their use of Microsoft Unified Communications (interesting).

Orange harvest in Spain (2:56 minutes) for bitter orange essential oil.

Honey Harvest (6:17 minutes)

Olive Harvest (4:49 minutes) for hair and skin-care products.

L'Occitane Foundation activities in Burkina, Africa, where shea nuts are harvested. (9:41 minutes)

Looking to procrastinate on your housecleaning (hmmm ... would I do that?), then spend another minute just looking at a L'Occitane shop. (1:05 minutes)

I haven't found a favorite L'Occitane fragrance yet, but am looking forward to sampling one of their newest releases when some of us BNers hit Chicago in August: Rose Nuit de Mai ~ "The captivating sensuality of rich red roses, the warm and mysterious scent of woody essences. The fragrance opens with the fresh and delicate note of wild rose. A bunch of May roses blends with the delicious accord of violet and blackberry, heightened by cinnamon. Lingering woody base notes reveal the captivating scents of sandalwood, cedar and vanilla."