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    Default Long Lost Perfumes?

    My friend is searching for Ecusson, which of course, has been discontinued. Then, I found it on Long Lost Perfumes. I'm not sure if I understand this site. Are the perfumes replicas, original formulas purchased by them? I'm a bit confused. I have read some BN reviews and they seem a little mixed. Does anyone have any information?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    I've not had personal experience with them, but I looked into their scents in my early "exploration" stage. As I understand, they have rights to the names and either have original formulas, or attempt to recreate the scent. I hear that it could be hit or miss as far as "sameness" is concerned, but the fragrances appear to be quality ones, rather than cheap knock offs.

    I think I first heard of them via Now Smell This (not sure). I was not pining for any of the discontinued scents so I stopped my research there. As I recall, they have reasonably priced minis.

    I hope somebody else chimes in!
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    I looked at their website.

    It doesn't exactly make me feel comfortable with the products. The packaging looks a bit amateur.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    The packaging is quite simple but the products are not bad at all.
    I got a bottle of Venezia and while not exactly like the original, I enjoyed it a lot. The smell was close enough to the original, the staying power very good, and the price-super cheap! I also had a bunch of minis, but I never smelled the originals so I can not say anything about the similarity.
    They have very good prices and sometimes special offers. In my opinion there isn't much that can go terribly wrong.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    Thanks so much for the help, everyone! I've passed this info on. At least the minis aren't pricey so if it doesn't match her beloved Ecusson, it won't be too huge a loss.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    From what I understand, Jeffrey Dame/Irma Shorell of Long Lost Perfumes have acquired the rights and recipes for several discontinued fragrances. I've got Venezia and Anarchy (their recipe for Donna Karan's Chaos) - since Chaos has been reintroduced, I don't think that LLP will continue to have Anarchy available?

    Anyway, the fragrances are in simple bottles, but they are not "cheaply" made. They are legitimate fragrances that can take their places proudly amongst the original formulas.
    Venezia is VERY close to the original. And to be fair, my little dab of vintage Venezia may have changed.
    Anarchy, to me, is better than the re-introduced Chaos. Again, VERY close to the original, but in this case, Anarchy lasts on my skin longer than the Chaos. I don't have any of the original Chaos.

    I've heard from other people that the LLP fragrances are usually very good -- and for a discontinued fragrances, sometimes "very good, and very close" are good enough.

    The original fragrances made by Jeffrey Dame (I have two of them - Lullaby, Wanderlust) are quite nice also

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    Well, if your friend has a few pennies to throw around, there is this partial vintage bottle here: or here:

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    Why does your friend not go to ebay. I ran out of my vintage Ecusson recently and won an auction for 40ml of extrait on ebay. It is perfect and not diminished in any way. LLP may be an option, but since most of the vintage ingredients are not available anymore recreating the original is difficult. I prefer to call their versions of classics; Very nice approximations.
    I find more of my wonderful classics on ebay at wonderful prices.
    On second thought, disregard all that I say. I do not need competition for vintage scents, I would prefer to keep winning them for $9.99. Forget about ebay, leave it alone.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    I have LLP Venizia and Duality ( LLP's dupe of Anne Klein II) and both are very good. The CS is great. No regrets.


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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    I'm a fan!

    I have several of his reproduction scents and have been very pleased. In the case of his repros of the old Faberge's, his are better and last longer than the original scents. Sadly they are also discontinued as is his Darling which is a version of Intimate by Revlon another wonderful repro.

    I have the Venezia, both the LLP and the original and after the initial 30 seconds I find them indistinguishable.

    The only one that I have and did not care for is Memoire Cherie, but I don't recall the original well enough to comment on whether or not it is true to the original.

    I think the Ecusson comes in a miniature at a very reasonable price.

    I adore his own scent Lazy Love which is very lovely floral on a benzoin base.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    They did a lovely recreation of Le De Givenchy when the original was discontinued for a few years. Their Replique is wonderful. So I would encourage you to give them a try.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    Oh thank you so very much, kind BNers, for all your wonderful advice (and humour, Ms Brielle)!

    I've forwarded the sites, Dimitri, to my friend, and we have been looking at ebay--sorry :-), but prices can be high. Anyhow, I'm glad to know for personal reference, as well, that LLP might be a good place for me to dabble in. So many of their frags sound lovely and romantic although I haven't tried the originals of any!

    Replique, Casaque and Memoire Cherie sound most interesting to me. But, Zibeline, what is it you didn't like about Memoire Cherie, if you recall?

    Thanks again for all the advice :-)
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    The Memoire just did not work on me

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    Default Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Since I'm apparently now on a vintage kick, I was wondering if I could get some recs for Long Lost Perfume scents. What are your favorites? Which have disappointed you? Anyone?

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    I like Venezia, Most Precious (my new fave), and Infinite Grace....I also like discontinued LLPs Desire (Aphrodesia), Tinder Box (Woodhue) and Darling (Intimate)

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Zibeline, how is the...texture of these? I feel like a lot of vintage frags are so coveted because they have a depth modern frags are often missing. Does LLP use oak moss??

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    I adored an old perfume called Variations by Carven, but I think this is now reformulated.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Who is/was Irma Shorell?

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Oak moss is listed among the ingredients in LLP's chypre scents like Replique and Crepe de Chine.

    As for Irma Shorell, she developed a skin care line years ago, I believe the current owner purchased it from her or her estate.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    My favourites are Bakir and Tuvache Tuvara.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    I have their Casaque and it is beautiful. It is not quite rich as the original
    but close enough for me. This used to be my signature scent in the 70's.
    I think Jeffrey DAme has something to do with LLP and he also makes his own
    perfumes (Superfumes) like Wanderlust and Lullaby.
    Lullaby is a very soft, melancholy scent similar to L'Heure Bleu in style.
    I just noticed they have a 15ml bottle of Casaque EDT on sale for a special price of $9.99!
    (just enabling, not promoting!!)
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    The good:-
    Coty Emeraude - I have just received a large 1.25oz bottle of vintage parfum de toilette. I have just put it on, and am enjoying a soft but strong voyage into the realms of Guerlain Shalimar terratory...... I ought to like Shalimar but it always disappears too quickly into powder on me. This isn't vanishing, just soft, gentle, green and lovely. Yes, a bit vanilla talc-ish, but that may be its age. I shall have to try them at the same time, side by side and review them together.

    Houbigant Patchouli oil - heaven in a bottle. All soft, floral and gentle patchouli. I was instantly whisked back to the 70's, when I was a slim, lovely, hippy in my primrose yellow hipsters and no shoes. My battered yellow hat covered in yellow smiley badges. Long blond hair streaming down to my bottom. Those were the days.....

    I was a Houbigant Ambergris girl then. Always been my favourite. I did get some recently, but it was the spray, and I used to have the oil which I'm sure was stronger. The spray seemed a shadow of the same. My memory said it used to be better.... who knows? It was 35 years ago-ish.

    Possibly bad:-
    Revlon Charlie - I need to smell this again just to check. It used to be a favourite when I was young and wanted to smell like a sickly sweet.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Zibs, I am wholly agreed w/ your observations.

    LOVE : [ and very close to original]
    Crepe de Chine
    Darling [ Intimate]

    Good, but not the same :
    My Sin [ pretty, but wholly different !]
    Infinite Grace

    Tuxedo is lovely, but only a shadow of the original; if you take it on its own, then you'll enjoy it for its own charm.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Is this the outfit that does the reworking of the original Deneuve? Anyone try it, and have an opinion?

    This week, 'Chanel Cuir de Russie: Skin Scent' at

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Soir- the frag is "Cannes".
    It's very lovely, but I don't recall the original Deneuve.
    Cannes is VERY dry, if that helps.
    The price is right, though ;-)

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by soirdelune View Post
    Is this the outfit that does the reworking of the original Deneuve? Anyone try it, and have an opinion?

    I agree with chaya - Cannes is very good, but it's not as deep or long-lasting as Deneuve. The differences are most notable, obviously, in a side-by-side test, but it's a good impostor from far. I wear the Irma Shorell version to extend the life of the original stuff. I'll start with a few sprays of Deneuve in the morning, then refresh with Cannes. I figure the base is going to hang around the longest, so at least I've got the original there throughout the day. I find these are most similar in the topnotes anyway. Same story with Duality, their version of Anne Klein II.

    I also have their Tuxedo and as chaya point out, it's very nice but just doesn't quite measure up to the original. I've had the Sortilege and Crepe de Chine as well and really enjoyed them, but didn't have the originals at the time to compare them to.

    I would absolutely recommend checking them out if you don't think the differences would bother you too much, or if you're not familiar with the original but want to get a good idea of it before seeking out a vintage bottle. The prices are very nice and several fragrances are offered in small "try me" sizes - you really can't go wrong.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Thanks, friends. I'd love to try these. they sound great.

    Did have the opportunity to try some good, fresh, vintage Sortilege extrait a couple of weeks ago and was smitten. This could be a good route into these scents, whilst waiting for their forebears to pop up on Ebay.

    This week, 'Chanel Cuir de Russie: Skin Scent' at

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Perfumes which are lost that i like very much and trying to find :1.Organza Indesence by Givenchy,2.Accenti by Gucci,3.Gloria by Cacharel.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Nostalgie once very kindly sent me a sample of their Oh! de London and I really liked it. I love their Replique. And they used to have a version of Le De Givenchy called Rue de Rivoli, which was quite nice. Certainly give them a try.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    My favorite from the LLP line is the Crepe de Chine. I have no idea how close it is to the original. Doesn't matter to me b/c it's great all by itself. I've smelled some of the others, but CdC is the one I like best and wear most from the line.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    I tried their version of Replique and own a bottle of Rue de Rivoli (which was their Le De Givenchy copy, no longer carried since Givenchy re-issued their reforumlated version). Both are quite lovely. I'd recommend trying LLP as well.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    The only LLP perfume I've smelled so far is their interpretation of Casaque. Casaque was my first love, the first fragrance I "went steady" with, and I had it in everything from bath oil to pure extrait. LLP made an excellent stab at re-creating Casaque, but I agree that it lacks something. From what I recall of the pamphlets that came with original's packaging(s), Casaque had some really unique ingredients. Nasturtium, for example - I mean, how many times does that ever show up in a pyramid? Also, the original Casaque had a pretty darn weighty base - patchouli and woods and spices. It should be kept in mind that the quality of sandalwood (which was abundant at the time) was probably very much superior to what is circulating now, so a perfume with a base like Casaque's just can't be cell-for-cell duplicated in the year 2010.

    On the subject of re-created Jeanne d'Albret fragrances, has anyone smelled the LLP version of Ecusson?

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    It''s good, but not the same, J.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Thanks, chayaruchama! Sigh, I'm glad I knew it in its glory.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Is Deneuve back? I always loved that fragrance. Please report if you have tried the new. Sensi supposedly is still in production, but I cannot find it...not even on Ebay. That is another oldie that I loved. What is being sold as Sensi is Sensi White Notes, which is very different to my nose.

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    The beautiful French classic, Crepe de Chine, was produced by a French company named Milot. Crepe de Chine was a lovely fragrance that smelled wonderful when first applied on the skin and then dried down to a powdery yet complicated scent. It was divine.

    I recently purchased the LLP knock-off and was appalled at how bad it was. Especially in the dry-down stage. It smelled like urine on my skin. I spritzed some on my sheets thinking that maybe the new fake didn't agree with my skin tone. Unfortunately, the same nauseating odor permeated my bedclothes, too.

    Be careful of knock-offs made in Florida.

    I purchased the knock-off (make no mistake: they are knock-offs) of the magnificent French classic, Crepe de Chine, formerly manufactured by Milot. The knock-off was a terrible disappointment---so bad, in fact, that I was compelled to post about it on this website. Not only is the juice awful, but I concur with one poster who pointed out that the packaging is amateurish.
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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    The shop has been closed for quite some time, so not sure when you purchased fragrancelover21. If you go to the Basenotes review section they all get pretty good reviews, including Crepe de Chine.

    Because of the regulations no recreation of a vintage can be the exactly the same. Most of the LLP are not called the original name anyway, so I don't think they are pretending to be that fragrance but a take on it.

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    Default Re: Long Lost Perfumes?

    i have the Ultima II Maroc one, and its ok, pretty admirable what they have done but its not the same by any stretch. Others are better, Anarchy which is their version of Donna Karan Chaos, is excellant and very very close to the original. Cannes is also a good remake as well and so is Crepe de Chine. The Maroc one is lacking but it would be impossible to recreate

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