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    Default Who's tried Old Spice from India?

    I wonder if Old Spice made in India is better than what's commonly available in the US. Is it worth seeking out?

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    Default Re: Who's tried Old Spice from India?

    I think it's the same formula -- don't quote me on it though, I haven't held a bottle in my hands for years now.

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    Default Re: Who's tried Old Spice from India?

    The P&G India Old Spice EDC is very good, i must say. It remains true to the original Shulton smell, and is long lasting. I get over 10 hours of decent sillage from it before it recedes close to skin, but still with its spicy tang.
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    Default Re: Who's tried Old Spice from India?

    To my nose, it's not exactly the same as old Shulton, but that could be due to the deteriation of my vintage bottles. It's definitely close though, and very nice if you like old Old Spice. Is it better than modern P&G OS? Depends. I actually don't mind P&G OS and wear it often, it just lacks some of the spice of the original, and some of the "coca cola" note which tempers out the vanilla. This is why I think the P&G is a little too sweet. It's also more powdery, but I quite like powder, so.... The Indian version has better longevity than the Shulton, but then again, it's not really fair to compare a fresh bottle with a 20+ year old one.

    Also, sniff about the "dollar store" OS copies. Some of them are remarkably similar to Shulton OS. Look for any bottles with a nautical or spicy theme or title and see what grabs you.

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    Default Re: Who's tried Old Spice from India?

    I have an Shulton Old Spice Lime from India and it smells like I remember it from my childhood. The cap was inadequate though, and about a quarter of the bottle leaked out in transit.

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