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    Default To all Houston BNers

    So just to let you guys know, Saks in the Galleria has a great offer for Bond No.9. If you buy any two bottles of any size, you get a third 100ml bottle of your choice for FREE. The SA told me that it was the first time this offer was ever done to Bond No.9. You get to choose the free bottle amongst a range of 12 or so perfumes and some are already finished. So whoever is interested hurry-up and benefit from this offer.

    The downside is that the free bottle you get doesn't have a cap and a box and the only reason I was told was that in order for peopel not to return them after getting them for free. I think they shoud've kept the boxes and given us the bottles with the caps.

    I personally bought Noho and China Town and chose New Harlem for my free bottle!

    Oh yeah one more really important point! I bought mine last Sunday and the offer was finished the day before but they made an exception. I am sure if you tell them that you were away or something they'll do the same!

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    That is an enticing offer indeed!

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    Default Re: To all Houston BNers

    I know your guaranteed an authentic item there, but I have bough a few authentic bottles of Bond on ebay that you could basically get 3 bottles for the price of 2 at Saks. Just giving another option...

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