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    Default Royale Ambree by Legrain

    Dear Basenotes Members,

    To begin with, I have been frequenting this site for many months now and delight with every single visit. The love of critiquing fragrances is elevated to an art form here and I am grateful to all reviewers and contributors.

    As for me - late 30s and quite reserved in my choices - partial to masculine scents - but also enjoy lighter ones too. I am particularly fond of the house of Puig, Caron and Bogart. Always looking for suggestions (I just ordered a bottle of Puig's Vetiver yesterday - based mostly on the reviews here at Basenotes!). Also, btw, I have been laboring unsuccessfully to get a bottle of Sir Irish Moos - very hard to procure these days.

    Now - please a little help! I can't find any commentary on Legrain's Royale Ambree EDC or their EDT. While in Spain last fall I was able to buy the EDC second pic below - but their EDT which I LOVE and is sooooo different than the EDC is impossible to find. Does anyone have any familiarity or with these two fragrances? Or ideas of where the EDT can be purchased? I love them - they are not expensive, but they are definitely unique. First pic below is the EDT and the second is the EDC. Many thanks to you all for such a great site! Sorry if the pics are a bit too large - first post here.

    Warmest Regards

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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    It's been a few months and I thought I would bump this post again just to see if anyone might be able to help. Again, really trying to locate the EDT of Royale Ambree but I can't find any mention of it anywhere on the web. Anyone? Bueller? And so on...

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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    A little New Year's Bump to my musty inquiry...

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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    If the Internet as well as this community proves unsuccesul, your only option would be to do some detective work starting at the shop where you bought it, they might give you the name of the wholesaler who might give you the name of the manufacturer. It seems the only chance of getting the information you are looking for. The point is, if your are not in Spain, this might add a chore to the next time you travel there. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    the 2nd bottle looks so familiar. I think i might have seen one recently ( the typeface of the 2nd "Royale Ambree" is so familiar, its like I saw it only this week...maybe, i can't seem to place it ryt now). Will inform if I pass by my frag suppliers again. But then again, I'm from the Philippines and I don't ship out frags from here (noob noob noob hehe)
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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    Thanks gentlemen for the responses! Long story short: The EDT was not originally mine, but a friend of mine's. When he returned to Spain he left it with me until it ran out. When I was in Spain last year I stopped off at a perfumeria and inquired about it and they showed me the EDC (second bottle) which I was unfamiliar with but bought anyways. The EDC is a citrus blend with a bit of musk and sandalwood at the base - lovely in fact but TOTALLY different from the EDT (first picture). I'll continue my quest - thanks for chiming in!
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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    Hello, I know it's been a while since the OT responded but just in case..............have you tried JBK trading?
    If you have found it, please an update.
    Happy Face here.
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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    Hey thanks, I just checked their website but no luck. They carry the Royale Ambree cologne (which I have) but not the EDT which is becoming a Holy Grail for me!

    Thanks very much for your suggestion however, that's a cool website! JBK trading.

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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

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    Default Re: Royale Ambree by Legrain

    To the OP: If you like Bogart scents, a suggestion might be Arabian Nights.

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