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    Question Defective Eau des Baux?

    In the UK right now L'Occitan has got some good discount offers.

    Having sampled Eau des Baux and approving, I finally got around to ordering the bottle. To my surprise, when I received it, it smelled like a weirdly watered down L'Occitan Vetyver. If there were supposed to be any high notes, I couldn't detect them.

    Having used the shower gel and deodorant in the past, and enjoying the pepper and cardomom amongst other notes, I am wondering whether I have either completely lost my sense of smell, or somehow got a duff bottle. Does this happen very often?

    Any experiences or advice welcome. I think my next step is to take my bottle into the nearest store and compare, and see if the staff agree with me.


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    Default Re: Defective Eau des Baux?

    That certainly sounds like trouble to me!

    I purchased my Eau des Bavx at the L'Occitane boutique in Houston. I have experienced no problems with it whatsoever. On my skin, Eau des Bavx is a very strong and persistent cypress and incense offering. In fact, it is my favorite L'Occitane fragrance.

    Perhaps you just acquired a bad bottle. I would certainly take it back to the boutique you purchased it from and bring the matter to the attention of the boutique manager.

    Good Luck,


    P.S. Update. I reviewed your post and now understand that it seems you acquired it online. I would nonetheless take it back to your local L'Occitane boutique and compare. I am fairly certain you just acquired a bad bottle. If so, the boutique manager needs to make you as the customer whole again.


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