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    Default reformulated Jicky

    I'm towards the end of my bottle and need to get another. My understanding is that the bottles labeled PDT are the old juice and those labeled EDP are the new juice. I have only owned the PDT until now. Has anyone done a comparison between the two? Is there a substantial difference. I've read that the Jicky reformulation was well done but couldn't find any threads discussing it here.
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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    Can't answer your specific question, but my guess is that as Jicky is well over 100 years old, both the EDT, PDT and EDP (not to mention the pure parfum) have undergone more than one reformulation. Knowing what years you're talking about might help members with more expertise than me give you an answer.

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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    there have been many reformulations.
    in the 80's... 90,s en even in 2003, 2004, 2005.

    it is difficult to compare them all together.
    2 of the best newer reformulations are the 2003 and 2004 bottles.

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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    Has it really been reformulated that often. My understanding was that the bottles labelled pdt were an 80"s vintage. I know the pdt label is no longer used by Guerlain.

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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    I own the edt (the 93ml refill type if that's any use in dating it), the PDT and thanks to Riannon, a sample of the extrait.
    I find the PDT to be very strong and have to be careful when I spray it not to overdo things. I adore the edt for its freshness and wearability, but the parfum? All I can say is that if you're planning a purchase, you really should try the extrait before you splash your cash. It is divine.
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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    I second wordbird , the parfum is awesome and I wouldnt wear Jicky in any other concentration

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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    I have the same problem. My Parfum de Toilette bottle is almost empty and I was a bit hesitant to buy the Eau de Parfum. Conclusion: I just bought the 30ml parfum blind.
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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    I'd be comfortable buying the EDP. I will no doubt smell a bit different than the PDT, but it will probably be the closest (and remains my favourite concentration.)

    You could always scour eBay for more PDT in the meantime, but be prepared to pay top dollar for it.

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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    I have a current EdP and quite frankly it's a tad disappointing in the longevity department. It smells great but hardly lasts two hours. I've sampled vintage PdT but can't comment on the longevity. I've got about 20ml left in my bottle and I'll definitely buy a 30ml parfum (probably a spray tester) next. There are a couple PdTs on ebay now but they're at $150.

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    Default Re: reformulated Jicky

    PdTs were discontinued a while back. I find it quite a bit different (and much stronger and animalic) than the current EDP. PdT is probably the most animalic of all Jicky concentrations (including parfum) as well. There is a 75ml tester bottle thats listed on Ebay for around $150. Thats a pretty reasonable price for it as I do recall them usually selling for around $225-250 a while back.

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