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    Default Lost Trench Coat Belt, Advice?

    Hey there
    Can anyone give me advice on replacing a lost belt to my trench coat? It is from Zara and I lost the belt on the train. Extremely annoying. Still wearable but looked better with the belt. Belt had a silver coloured buckle, and was Cotton/Polyester. Coat is black, as was the belt.

    Cannot get a replacement from Zara. It is a fashion shop and is therefore not going to give me a belt off another coat as then that would be unsellable.

    Any business on the net or in London which could help with such a thing would be much appreciated, after all, it is essentially a piece of black cotton/polyester hybrid material rectangular shaped and pointed at on end, the other end having a very simply buckle on.
    Advice would be great.

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    Default Re: Lost Trench Coat Belt, Advice?

    Any tailor should be able to make you another one for a decent price. I've had the same thing happen with a Burberry coat and the replacement was easy and affordable.

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    Default Re: Lost Trench Coat Belt, Advice?

    I agree with AnthonyDG. Especially since the colour is black, a tailor should be able to make you a replacement belt very easily. This happened to me, and that is what I did. Worked fine.

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    Default Re: Lost Trench Coat Belt, Advice?

    Cut off the loops and rock the beltless trench coat. The Executive!

    hehe, just saw that episode of Seinfeld.

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