In the UK, in recent years anyway, I've only ever come across Brut (I'm referring to the original Brut not it's variants) in the plastic Splash on bottle, or the aftershave splash on.

But whilst on holiday this week I stumbled across the newly released Brut EDT being sold in "The Perfume Shop". I was quite surprised since I've never seen Brut anywhere other than in amongst the Lynx/Axe and cheapo scents. I've certainly NEVER seen Brut in a classy looking glass bottle with a SPRAY.

Apparently The Perfume Shop are now stocking up on the Brut EDT due to a massive demand and will be selling it alongside the more "in" scents, although naturally not quite as pricey.

I had a nice chat with the bird who worked behind the counter and she was saying how apparently a lot of women actually LIKE the scent and the demand has been building for quite some time.

Anyway, has anyone else noticed the difference in the scent of the EDT compared to the regular splash ons? The moment I smelt it, it reminded me of my dear old uncle from when I was younger... would you say the scent has changed over the years? I only really got into Brut in recent years and never knew my uncle used to wear it... but it would seem he did!