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    Default Decants & samples v. large bottles

    I apologize if this has been discussed before...

    What are your thoughts on the difference between spraying or applying a sample versus spraying a scent from a large bottle?

    I have recently found a huge difference from both M7 and Antaeus. When applied from decants both were very heavy and concentrated yet had an entirely new dimension (both positive) when sprayed from a large bottle which dispersed the fragrance over a much larger surface area.

    Is this just me?

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    Default Re: Decants & samples v. large bottles

    If its a win-win situation then dont worry too much about it - if you are.

    Personally, the only concerns i have about decanting is the higher possibility of accidental contamination during the process. imo a "concentrated" spray could be like applying from a splash bottle? so i dont think different types of spray(pressure, surface area covered etc) affects the scents or how they "bahave"

    As for sizes of bottles concerned and how they affect a scent, i really have no ans myself, but i seriously doubt any mishaps will occur. Hope this helps.
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