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    Default Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    I had the opportunity to sample the the first four of the 12 fragrances which will be released under the Penhaligon's Anthology series.

    As previously noted, they are Eau de Verveine, Gardenia, Night Scented Stock and Extract of Limes.

    And there's a lot to look forward to here.

    Extract of Limes will be familiar to Basenoters as it's been available exclusively through Harrods for a while. I've always thought of this as the Lime equivalent of Habit Rouge, with that very sherbet-like sweetness, citric tartness but with a lime flavour as opposed to a more traditional lemony citrus. It is slightly too sharp for me in the opening, but has a lovely creamy lime dry down which stays fresh without being too soft.

    It is the other three of the series that have particularly drawn my attention however.

    Eau de Verveine is just lovely. It is redolent at times of Blenheim Bouquet, but like a friendly, less austere version. It has an approachability to it which I have always thought Blenheim Bouquet lacks. As it dries down there is a warmth of vanilla and has a light musk to it which I think men or women could wear with aplomb. It is at once warm as well as being light enough to be refreshing.

    Night Scented Stock is very possibly my favourite of the four. I don't know whether it was intended to be a particularly female fragrance, these days I don't much care. What I do know is that this is beautiful. What is odd though is that I had to apply it twice before I started getting the best out of if - an experience I have had with other fragrances, Eau de Cartier being an example that springs to mind. The heliotrope in this is beautifully executed and blended well with clove, violet and tonka. It's floral but not necessarily done in an overtly fussy feminine way - any man who likes floral orientals will love this. It has two levels too, the first is what's next to the skin and the second is a kind of aura casting an enchantment around the wearer. For hours after application I kept getting wafts of something that caused my olfactory lobes to light up. When I tracked down the source, it was the Night Scented Stock.


    The Gardenia is arguably the most feminine of the four, but I say that guardedly, because I really felt comfortable wearing it. It has a woody undercurrent to it underneath well, the scent of Gardenias. It reminded me for some reason of Richard James Saville Row. Indeed I liked it slightly more than Saville Row. I will write more about this when I get more of a chance to sample it in full.

    Penhaligon's are scaling back the other product lines they offer in terms of leather, silver and cashmere goods and are ramping up their focus on perfumery. Which I think is no bad thing. Male Basenoters will be delighted to know that there are two fragrances with the male market in mind being developed. More news on these will follow.

    Mind you, this is somewhat arbitrary since most Penhaligon's fragrances of late are not labelled particuarly as male or female...
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    This is all good news. I look forward to trying these items.

    I may end up buying limes. I will sample it of course, but a lime centered fragrance.

    Thanks for the excellent report!
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    Very interested in sampling their limes to compare to Truefitt's (which I love for it's wetness and just a touch of candy)

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    Quote Originally Posted by HDS1963 View Post
    Penhaligon's are scaling back the other product lines they offer in terms of leather, silver and cashmere goods and are ramping up their focus on perfumery.
    Thats perhaps the most important point of note here; Penhaligons focusing on the perfume product line. I expect Czech & Speake to turn into a primary perfume house in the near future as well.

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    I have always thought of Night Scented Stock as Penhaligonade (like Guerlinade). It feels so much like other Penhaligon's frags. It encompasses so many areas. It is a floral, spicy, fougere, slightly herbal frag with the tiniest of creaminess to it. Crisp yet creamy- brilliant. I can see how it could easily be a base from which other Pehaligons were born. it is most like, my fave, Eau Sans Pareil (Please to be relaunched). However, it is clearly related to Victorian Posy, Ormolu (due for a comeback), Bluebell, Hammam Bouquet, and English Fern as well. I also feel it has strong similarities to Violetta, Castile, Douro, Esprit De Lavande, Lily of the Valley, Esprit Du Roi (Hoping it is to be relaunched as well), Elizabethan Rose, and Cornubia. There is a middle note accord of it in Endymion as well. In the same vein, Malabah, and Ellensia share definite moments with NSS; Malabah seems like the updated, softer version while Ellensia is a sort of NSS Extreme edition. I don't mean to suggest that it is unequivocally the base of Penhaligon's frags but it certainly feels like the intersection of their many fragrant roads. Oddly, I don't detect similarities to Blenhein Bouquet which is also a classic. Nor is there much resemblance (IMHO) to Racquets Formula, Lp9 (though they share a lovely clove moment), Opus 1870, Artemesia or Quercus. If you like any of the above which share similarities, I think you are likely to enjoy Night Scented Stock.
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    I still have a tiny drop left of the original Night Scented Stock when it was a lot cheaper than the new version.
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    A 'lime-Habit-Rouge' and a 'less austere Blenheim-Bouquet' sound fantastic! Thanks for the heads up HDS1963.
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    Mmm Eau Sans Pareil! Loved it, along with my other favorite discontinued Penhaligon scent, Esprit du Roi.

    Any of you ever smelled the actual flower, night scented stock? It's incredible - on a warm night it can scent the air so headily that you can find it in a garden with your eyes closed.

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    Thanks for this, I'm a fan of Penhaligons so I appreciate the update and comments. I look forward to their further releases, there are a couple of vintage scents I would dearly love to see in production again.

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Anthology Series - A Sneak Peak

    I just sampled the Extract of Limes @ Saks here in NYC. To date they only have the testers in stock -- the actual product won't be in the store until September.

    Very impressive, and just as you've described. I'll be back to pick up a bottle. Thanks for the info!

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