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    Default Mini Review of Apothia Ron Robinson Scents

    The Apothia store in Fred Segal Melrose has a nice selection of frags - Serge Lutens, L'Artisan, Creeds, CDG, Monocle, Geir, Gendarme, et al. In addition, they have a small line of in house scents created by owner Ron Robinson.

    Velvet Rope - inspired by an icy cold, dry vanilla martini spiked with absolute jasmine and a twist of grapefruit. Pure white musk heats up the background of this super-sexy scent.

    Interesting. Opens up a bit like Vicks Formula 44 and quckly dries down to a really nice musk. I like it.

    IF - A dazzling bouquet of white flowers, IF blooms with top notes of zesty grapefruit and sparkling yuzu, ending in a deep romantic drydown.

    Me no like. Far too, uh...floral. But if you like floral, this has plenty of it.

    Pearl - a simple, precious, polished work of art with hints of shiso leaf, plum blossom, peony, orris and warm golden amber, parallel to the formation of the pearl

    Not bad, like a dry version of C. Santal by Fresh. Lots of Amber.

    Anyway, not bad and certainly worth a sniff if you're in the hood. Try out the Czech & Speake Neroli when you're there. Oh so good.
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    Default Re: Mini Review of Apothia Ron Robinson Scents

    Velvet Rope is the only scent by Apothia I like. That 'burning cigarette' smell mixed in with the sweet vanilla gives the illusion of someone smoking inside a French pastry shop. I don't get the nightclub reference...
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