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    Default Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    hello people....i need some help on few scent suggestions....

    Out of the ones which i have right now, my favourites are A*men, B*men, Coolwater and Hugoboss Pure,Versace Man...since they can be worn casually

    the other ones which i own are..Hugo baldessarini ( this is amazing but i cant wear it anytime anywhere) , Rochas Lui ( again a bit formal ) ,Burberry London and John Varvatos ( i dont find them attractive for some reason, i feel they dont suit me )

    So im looking to add a few scents to my collection..which i can wear with casuals ( T shirt, jeans etc) ...

    Preference --> Aquatic scents, sweet scents

    I have already ordered Azzaro Chrome based on recomendations, but i would love to add 2-3more scents to my collection

    D& G Pour Homme , Gucci POur homme....are these casual scents or are they a bit formal..

    Please help me guys with some good suggestions.....thanks
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    Default Re: sfascxxacax

    Aigner Black Icedrops
    Hugo Boss Selection
    Adolfo Dominguez Agua Fresca

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    Two very sweet casual scents that go with T-shirts to dressy (IMO) are YSL L'Homme and D&G the one for Men. Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme is also nice and broad-dress aquatic.

    The others you mention are a bit dressy, although I have to admit that I'm wearing Gucci Pour Homme II right now with a geek T-shirt.

    I second Amit's mention of Boss Selection. Very nice all-around scent that you are likely to enjoy.
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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    Some sweet/aquatic/fresh scents that can be worn anytime:

    Antidote: this is actually a light oriental, a bit lighter than say, Varvatos.

    Minotaure: sweet vanilla and orange with some cedar and lavender.

    Versace PH: my favorite fresh scent. Similar to Allure Homme Sport but woodier and a bit more casual.

    Calvin Klein Man: a really nice green spearmint over violet leaf and cypress and a light incense note. casual but not cheap or boring, imo

    L'eau Par Kenzo: super fresh lemony [yuzu] aquatic over a floral heart and base.

    Ineke Derring-Do: one of the finest fresh citrus scents I've come across. It's a watery/metallic citrus over a wonderful magnolia heart with soft woods in the drydown. Somewhat similar to Chrome but less metallic, less synthetic, and just all around more refined.

    Erolfa: Tart orange, salt, driftwood, and a sweet ambergris/vanilla base. One of the best and most accurate aquatics - the salty note is excellent.
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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    Costume National Scent
    Asprey Purple Water
    Montale Fougeres Marine
    Carven Homme
    Kenzo original
    Creed Erolfa
    a few to look at
    At your service

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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    Geir - Sweet, fresh, and lasts forever.

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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    i 2nd Versace PH, YSL L'Homme and Bulgari Aqua.

    I'll add...Loewe Solo and Givenchy PH Blue Label.

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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    thanks for the recomendations guys

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    Default Re: Suggest me few good scents for my wardrobe guys!

    ditto on Bulgari Aqua - nice, clean, for everyday
    (but you have several of those as you mentioned, so...)

    thumbs up on Adolfo Dominguez' Agua Fresca - sharp, pick-me-up scent, great for summer (my beach scent!)...a more grown up version of Spanish baby colognes.

    Jeans and T-shirt scent, surprise surprise -- ok kill me now -- Paris Hilton for Men. Cucumber and Watermelon! Young and proud hehe, only for the fun and cocky.

    D&G Pour Homme - bit formal I say, "sexy time" scent, dark and smoky (has a hint of tobacco), great for night outs and dates...YSL Rive Gauche works for me too in this category. Tried Silver Shadow Private tonight, smells greaaattttt...its on its 4th hour,and the drydown is finnnnnne. It's on my soon to purchase list, along with Hugo X/Y (controlling myself)...Have fun with your frag search!

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