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    Default Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    I am wondering if anyone could recommend some reputable online discounted perfume sellers. I do not want to buy a fake, but I figure that there are such great discounts out there that I would be dumb to pay full price!

    Can I assume that anything sold on is authentic? Has anyone had a bad experience with amazon?

    Or, can anyone recommend an online seller that carries Hermes Eau des Merveilles at a discount? (that's what I'm currently in the market for)

    Thank you so much!!

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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    Should find something here....

    Find one of interest, then search for reviews.

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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    It's a bit difficult to help you without knowing in which country you are, but if you're in the UK, Eau des Merveilles is discounted at and the shipping costs are reasonable.

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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    I'm in the US.

    Thanks everyone for the help!

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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    Hannahs nose - I have bought many things off including books,toys and perfume. I have haven't a a bad experience yet over the years . Good luck and I am sure you'll be OK - it is scary buying online sometimes - there's a lot of trust and faith you put into sites and people you don't know.
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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    I just had an excellent experience buying at The Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver. I got samples, which were 5 for $15CDN including shipping. They arrived in CT/USA only 4 days after my order and I got nice big samples for the money. They carry a select group of lines including Montale, Comme des Garcons, and Serge Lutens. If they have what you want, they may be a good bet!

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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    Beautyencounter ,scentmonkey, bigdiscount and scentiments are all good.

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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    I've seen threads like this disappear into the City Shopping Guides forum linked to above, and I never think to look there because the internet is not exactly a geographic location. Still, I guess it makes the most sense to put online stores there. I just wish the threads could be collected in one place they way they are for New York or London. And maybe the name should be changed to "City and Online Shopping Guides."
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    Default Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    Never had any problems with Scentiments or
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