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View Poll Results: How strong do you like your lavender ?

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  • Strong.

    13 37.14%
  • Clearly present but not strong.

    15 42.86%
  • Barely noticeable.

    5 14.29%
  • Don't want to notice it ever, even in small amounts.

    2 5.71%
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    Default How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    I hate it unless it's just one note among other equals (or if it lesser) but I'd be curious about what others think. I voted for clearly present but not strong, though I can't deal with such frags often, perhaps twice a week.
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    Lavender is a pretty common note, but it is very rarely handled well. The fact that the sharpness proper of lavender can 'mask' very well the syntheticness of cleaners has made it popular, but it has also equated it with poor quality scents, at least for me. I bet I can count with one hand the lavenders I like:

    Penhaligon's Lavandula.
    Zino Davidoff.
    Caron Pour Homme.
    Rive Gauche PH...
    I can tolerate London Burrbery.
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    As a guide, Caron Pour Homme's Lavender opening is way too strong for me - so much so I only wore it twice before selling it - and I didn't like the overly sweet vanilla at the end either.

    I too like Penhaligon's Lavandula, which is clearly a Lavender fragrance but it's smooth and well rounded, blended very well with other ingredients and accords.

    I also rate Jo Malone's Amber and Lavender which has a present but not overbearing Lavender to it.
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    I'm a lavender freak. Maharadjah by Parfums de Nicolai is one of my favorites. Cinnamon and Lavender over patchouli and vanilla - god, it's good!
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    I like it strong!
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    Strong, dry, smoky -- L'Occitan by L'Occitane en Provence.
    Potent and minimalist -- Antihero by Etat Libre D'Orange

    I love lavender when it is herbal-dry. It is like pine: invigorating and calming.
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    I must say I hate lavender, especially in oxford and cambridge by C&S and hanae mori
    C&S creation is like laundry while HM is like rotting something, both stays so badly on clothes (i dont spray clothes) I used to be a fan of HM, now only I can withstand 30min when lemony fades a bit and lavender takes charge I give up,
    oh and I forgot to say that lavender is my mom best friend to spray in toilet so, since then I stopped loving any lavender scents
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    I love lavender and I love it strong! Which is why I don't care for Penhaligon's Lavandula. Hubby unfortunately does not like to wear lavender at all.

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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    IMHO, too strong lavander has a medicinal note that makes it smell like ointment, rather than like perfume.

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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    It really depends on the other notes. My go to lavender scent is Gris Clair so you can imagine.... sharp as a knife....

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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    The more astringent, sharper and stronger - the better.
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    Default Re: How strong is too strong with lavender ?

    You know, it all depends on what I'm feeling that day. Sometimes I want a strong, robust lavender like Etat Libre Antiheros or perhaps something much more subtle, like SMN Ambra Lavande (imo Jo Malone's Amber Lavender is a failed copy of this SMN fragrance. Try it.).

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