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Thread: Creed Flacons

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    Default Creed Flacons

    Is there a difference in projection, freshness, longevity or other characteristic of a Creed fragrance coming in the 8.4 ounce flacon vs. coming in the spray bottles? Are they as apt to be counterfeited? I see them pop up every now and then and wife loves Spring Flowers. I might take a gander at GIT again if I could be sure about it.

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    In my experience, the flacons are not as apt to keep the integrity of the fragrance. I'd rather buy the 4 oz sprayers personally because they are sealed.
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    I have several flacons and have not had any problems with them evaporating or turning.
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    I have had major issues with the receipt of shipments. Leakage, ect. Those shippers have been the internet providers. I for some odd reason do not think this would be an issue with say for instance, Neiman Marcus. I agree with two posters with different responses, one saying he/she would rather have the smaller bottle and the other says no issues/.problems. I have been in both camps. I probably will not buy flacons anymore.
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    I have also had concerns about shipping flacons (not just creed). So far I have shipped only one Creed flacon and Im very grateful to report that I had no problems. I've also had a few Tom Ford flacons shipped with no issues. They were all new. I will say that I was very nervous about them until they arrived safe and sound.


    Now thinking about it I suspect that the leather swatch that is tied over the cap of the flacon is there to absorb any potential leakage. Which may explain the heavenly aroma the one that came with my flacon of VT is giving off. So now thinking about it my Creed flacon may have leaked an infintesimmal amount in shipment.
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