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Thread: Solo Loewe

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    Default Solo Loewe

    I'm deciding whether or not to purchase a bottle of Solo Loewe this weekend. Any reason i should not? Be the devil's advocate. Other options i have in mind are Z Zegna Extreme and Givenchy PH Blue Label.

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    Default Re: Solo Loewe

    I personlay did not like solo loewe, too synthitic lemony at the begining and no much change afterwards IMO .... i've never smelled Z Zegna Extreme ...but a friend of mine recommended it to me .... i like Givency Blue label but it has a major problem in longivity .... im afraid i confused you more than helped ....

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    Default Re: Solo Loewe

    Both Solo Loewe and Solo Loewe Intense have been on my to try list forever but nowhere I know of carries it and TPC doesn't have samples. So I don't see getting the opportunity to try it any time soon.
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    Default Re: Solo Loewe

    Sorry for reviving this thread. I figured I'd do a search (believe it or not, it's how I get 80% of my information without starting a new thread) before rehashing this topic on a brand new thread. Here's what I get from Solo Loewe because I do get these similarities.

    If you like Kenneth Cole Black, you'll like Solo Loewe. If you like Allure Sport, you'll like Solo Loewe. If you like Banana Republic Slate, you'll like Solo Loewe. With as much the hype as it gets sometimes, I feel as if those 3 fragrances I listed are quite similar to Solo Loewe. Except I feel that only the latter two, along with Solo Loewe, have better strength to cut through winter air while still remaining crisp and clean during the summer. I'm reading off the notes and I don't get amber or vanilla in the base note and these were the notes I was hoping for! Instead, I get a pleasantly linear (albeit, boring) citrus. Extremely versatile, but I definitely expected more. I don't hate it, but I don't love it, especially when it's being sold at $50 shipped from eBay and numerous retailers. If it was priced lower, then I'd say it would be a great buy, otherwise I can pick up a bottle of Banana Republic Slate to get the same vibe for under $20-30. I suppose it's good to buy just to not say, "I'm wearing Kenneth Cole Black/Allure Sport/Slate".

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    Default Re: Solo Loewe

    Hey Jonny, didnt you had a bottle of Solo? I remember you told me it was one of your holy grails (if Im not mistaken)
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