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    Default Everything Egyptian Musk

    Which is your favorite?

    I fell head over heels for Auric's Egyptian Goddess only to develop a skin allergy to it. Since then I've been searching but nothing comes close. The only other one I like is NR Musc oil. I've tried DSH, Kuumba Made, Nemat, Abdul Kareem, Fresh Scents by Terri.

    EM is quite a mystery to me - it seems different ones smell very different on different skins.

    Suggestions? Am on the verge of randomly ordering the no-brand ones off the Bay Oils and sprays all welcome.

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    Default Re: Everything Egyptian Musk

    I think Ava Luxe does an Egyptian Musk ( ) and also Sonoma Scent Studios ( You could also try Madini oils.
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    Question Re: Everything Egyptian Musk

    How does Egyptian musk differ from the other types of musks? I would really like to know.
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    Default Re: Everything Egyptian Musk

    I think Egyptian musk is an extremely clean smelling musk, as in non-animalic. It smells like a fresh Spring day to me. I love Fresh Scents by Terri Breathe oil, although I don't know if it's technically Egyptian musk. I have Body Time's EM, and it's nice but I prefer Breathe because it seems smoother. I recently sniffed Kuumba Made Water Goddess at the store and it seemed pretty close in smell to Breathe. Next time I must try it on skin to see how similar it is. I have tried NR musc oil in the past, but it's so expensive! I can't justify the jump in price from these very good oils that cost just a fraction of that.

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