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    Default Good Summer Cologne

    im new to fragrances and i was just wondering what a good summer cologne would be for me. im 18 year old male.

    it gets hot here but not overly hot. money isnt an issue

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Don't buy anything blind without testing first, unless you really don't mind spending lots of $

    I'd recommend you buy samples from and test out things which interest you.

    If you just want to go the Sephora route, try Thierry Mugler Cologne and Gendarme

    Younger ladies seem to like the smell of Abercrombie Fierce, so if you're trying to impress girls...

    If money really is no object and you want a beautiful lemon rind smelling cologne for summer, Czech & Speake Neroli
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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    my current summer frag is Adolfo Dominguez Agua Fresca

    previous summer frag was Ferrari Yellow.

    of the two, Agua Fresca smells better and seems more "developed"
    I'm actually wearing Ferrari yellow now (it was hot this its raining, darnit. Ferrari Yellow started off sharp, lemony & smells powdery now, a few hours later)

    Aquatics are also good in the summer... those I own include Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme, Nautica Blue and Adolfo Dominguez Bulgari better than the other two.

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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Test things out at the mall or order samples online first!

    My recommendations would be Bvlgari Aqva, and L'eau d'Issey Miyake Pour Homme.

    Both great, both easy to find, good for young people, and the ladies like em.
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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Definitely get the whole line of free samples (you pay shipping, unless you are in the UK) from Czech and Speake. There are quite a few excellent options for masculine scents there, and they aren't the same aquatic redux that most male scents seem to be these days.

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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Silver Mountain Water by Creed. Blackberries, tea & ambergris. Also great longevity
    Looking for: Andy Tauer - L'air du Desert Morocain & Incense Extreme

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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Sephora imo is a great place to sample, and I think thats whats best tho i'm more tempted to list what I like. Sephora prices aren't cheap(where im from) coz they're usually located in up-market malls. Since money isn't an issue I would 2nd the idea of buying more decants/samples that can provide more than a single wear so you know what works best on you and within your environment. Age doesn't play too much of a consequential role as long as you feel you can pull off a frag. Personally what is working well for me now is creed's Virgin Island Water during the really hot tropic days.

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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Cool Water works great in the summer, it's got that nice, aquatic scent which works well with warm weather imo.

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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Quote Originally Posted by desastrux View Post
    money isnt an issue
    If money seriously isn't an issue, buy a flacon of Citrus Biggarade and apply every 6-8 minutes.

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    Default Re: Good Summer Cologne

    Guerlain Vetiver (new formulation)
    Blenheim Bouquet
    Eau de Coq
    Jean Marie Farina

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