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Thread: It turned on me

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    Default It turned on me

    After wearing my sample of Jil Sanders Man on a couple of occasions, I had decided to buy a bottle. I really loved it. I went searching for a good buy and decided to put on the last of my sample(5ml). But Jil Sanders suddenly turned on me and I had some type of allergic rash develop on my forearms where I applied it. ##%*!!!!.

    Can anyone tell me where to find the ingredient list and/or notes so I can identify the culprit? Jil Sanders web site is no help. Has anyone else had this problem with Jil Sanders?

    I hope I haven't all the sudden become allergic to my wardrobe holdings. At least I found out before I spent the big bucks on a bottle.

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    Bogart Pour Homme made my neck are really red with a strong burning sensation. A few other frags gave me the same reaction but to a very much lesser degree.

    Has your allergic rash subsided yet?
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    the redness is 85% gone after 2 days. Think I'll wait another day or so before putting on any fragrance anywhere except maybe my outside shirt. Is it just a few fragrances that bother you? and the others are OK? Any thing in common with these products? I'm worried if all my fragrances will bother me now.
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    Sounds quite severe man. Mine went away completely after 30mins.
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    Whoa, not completely gone after 2 days? I only experience burning sensation and redness from some scents but none of such effect stays for such a long time. You should consult a physician or at least avoid applying the scent to your skin.

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    The ingredients should be written on the back/bottom of the box. (Though, of course this doesn't help you much if ya only have the sample. Unless it was an official carded sample, which should have the same info on it !)
    Or if ya don't have a box, and don't feel like going out looking for one. ... You can always email Jill Sander and ask them directly. They are bound to have a customer services department. And should be able to supply you with a full list of ingredients. (Knowing just the notes will not help at all. For most of those notes are in fact some or other aroma-chemical, one of which is most probably the culprit).

    It is kinda odd though that you managed to wear it fine with no reaction the first couple of times ??? I mean if ya were actually allergic to one of the ingredients, then it should have had the same effect the first time around too ??? ... Could it not perhaps be rather a combination of "something" and the Jill Sander that happened this time around, which didn't the first couple of times ??? ... Perhaps ya might want to look into what was different between the situations (perhaps a soap of body-wash or something), which might actually be either part of or the actual culprit ???)

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    Hm... it is interesting,because Beachboy 76 wrote this in his rewiew of this scent:

    "Good for thoose who has allergies as well, contains no Aldehydes, Labdanum."

    I own a bottle as well and had no problems with it at all...

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