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    Default How do you use solid perfumes?

    I've been smelling & collecting perfumes for a few months now but I've never even seen a tester of solid perfume. I'm interested in trying everything, but it looks like I'll have to order on line. So this is an area where I'm completely ignorant. I've seen them mentioned different places, but not how they are used. I assume you stick a finger or a Q-tip into a little pot, rub to get it soft & then spread the perfume on the skin. How much do you need? Do you try to hit all the pulse points? What size solid perfume do you buy to last as long as, say, a 50 ml bottle of perfume or cologne? Can you spread the solid on a test strip or does it need body heat to give off any scent at all?

    Most importantly, who does solid perfumes well? Is there a niche house that specializes or only does solids? I've read that Lutens gives/sells his as samples of the "real" juices. But I've also read that the smells are different. Are there any masculines in solid form or are they all feminines? Is there a listing of solid perfumes anywhere?

    What's been your experience?


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    Default Re: How do you use solid perfumes?

    I don't have a lot of experience with solid perfumes and I am sure other will be able to give you much more info. In my opinion the solids don't have a lot of sillage but stay fairly long on the skin. But of course, it depends. I love the portability. Your method of application seems correct. At least, I do the same thing. I try to put apply only on my wrists to avoid messing my clothes. I would say that you do need to try them on your skin and not on a paper strip.

    Many natural/organic food stores carry a line called Pacifica that comes both in liquid form and little tins of solid perfume. They usually do have testers. I did not like the ones I tried but I have read several good comments about them on BN. They did not smell unmistakably feminine to me.

    Another one you could try is Crazylibellule and the poppies. Beautyhabit has this line. CL has many solids (shaped like a stick). I have 2: Le Baiser and Encens Mystique. EM could definitely be used by a man.
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    I hope others will be able to help you more.
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    Default Re: How do you use solid perfumes?

    If you just want to try out a solid perfume without spending a fortune, I'd recommend Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange solid. Very inexpensive, very nice IMO, and I wouldn't call it feminine.

    As for how much to use...I'd say that I gouge out an amount smaller than a pea, maybe half a pea, rub it between my fingers, apply it below my wrists, and then wipe my still-barely-oily fingers on the back of my neck to apply some perfume there. Then I wipe the very last off my hands onto a cloth handkerchief, so the handkerchief smells nice too.

    This doesn't produce a very strong scent, but I suspect that there's no amount that would produce a cloud of sillage - it's just not that kind of perfume. I carry the Tuscan Blood Orange in my purse all the time, so that I have something with me if I suddenly realize (gasp) that I forgot to put on perfume! I'm even reasonably comfortable applying it on airplanes, because it really doesn't project far.


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