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    Question Hello all!

    Greetings from a former lurker. I'm not a total frag newbie, but I have just recently joined the forum section of BN. By way of introduction, I can say that, six months ago, I would never in my wildest dreams predicted I'd be here. For years, I owned one scent, Jovan White Musk, and that was all I used. A couple years ago, I made the addition Of Opium, so I had two. Then, I made my way into wet-shaving in a round-about way, and suddenly I've actually found I enjoy colognes!
    There is a problem. Here in the Midwest, there are few places to sample more than the basic department-store offerings. I've found that even those places are inadequate as a quick spray to the wrist is no way to make a choice. I've done the free sample thing, and also purchased decants. I've found this forum to be a great source of ideas for things to try. Here's a question, though....where is a good place (or places) to find some of these products? I have used some online vendors like fragrancex, scentmania, etc., but what about things they don't carry?
    I'm sure there is no one place for everything, but are there preferred sources? I assume buying from established members in the "For Sale" section is a good way.....what do you folks do?

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    As im living in Australia, the only way i can sample "niche" - hard to find scents is thru the internet. is the way to go. Im about to order about 10 samples from them
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    Welcome, tsmba!

    We are all bonded by a common interest in perfumes. Some people gaze at art, some people like beautiful music, some people like beautiful scents.

    I overheard that from a small town in the Midwest, you can't even find common shampoos made by P & G... Even in larger cities, you ask for a niche fragrance and they give you a stare...

    Enjoy, share and learn!
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    Hi Tsamba,

    Welcome Aboard

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    Welcome TSMBA!

    I too, have the midwest plague of no decent fragrances anywhere to be found. For me, the Internet, especially Luckyscent and Aedes. Google Google Google. If you have the chance to go to KC, Dallas or Chicago, make sure you take the time for perfume shopping. Haven't really gotten into Ebay, but probably will if I give in to the temptation of vintage collecting. Good luck!
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    Welcome to BASENOTES!!

    this is either a hit or miss plan but if you just email the fragrance manufactuer then if your lucky they may send you free samples
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    It seems the days of free samples are ending. Penhaligon's will send two, and Czech & Speake have decided to charge postage. I have no problem paying for samples but, especially given the high cost of scents, it seems a shame that some places seem kind of tight with them. Fortunately, almost every online vendor I've used has been generous with the handouts.
    I have tried a few frag counters in the city, but haven't done too well. You can have spritzes of the stuff they choose to provide, but after one or two, I feel I may as well pack it in. I need straws so I can try things a couple times at my convenience. When I've asked for them, I've gotten some strange looks!

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    Tsmba, welcome to basenotes!
    Here some ideas:
    - You can order form L'Artisan Parfumeur 5 free samples, you pay only for shipping:
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    The Perfumed Court is very navigable and encyclopedic. I know there are many here who don't like them because they are a little more expensive, but I find that I can get some samples there that I can find nowhere else, especially fragrances that are discontinued or generally unavailable in the US.

    The best deal for me price-wise has been The Perfume Shoppe out of Vancouver. They offer a deal of 5 samples for $15 CDN including shipping that ends up being cheaper than LuckyScent, depending on the exchange rate.

    I have gotten a few great FREE samples from department stores and Sephora. Not the niche stuff, of course, but they do generally carry the biggest selling varieties of Chanel and a few Guerlain, so take advantage when you can. I especially like the quality of the rather large atomizers Sephora uses. I got myself nice sizeable freebies of both Chanel No 5 EDT and Eau Premiere this way, as well as Opium and Shalimar.

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