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    Default two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Hi all,

    I found your forum when looking for advice on a couple of perfumes that were given to me by mum a few weeks back. So she tells me, they've been in her loft for years and were given to her many moons ago by her mum but were never actually used.

    One of them is an old Guerlain 'Jicky' and the other is a Weil 'Antilope'. I've seen the Jicky one mentioned a few times online and have come to the conclusion that it's fairly unusual to see one unless you are a collector.

    I've got some pics anyway so thought I'd post them and leave it open to the basenotes community to offer me any insight into what I have on my hands as they are potentially anywhere from 60 - 80 years old if my nan did indeeed have them for a while.

    pic 1 - Guerlain -
    pic 2 - label which may help to date Guerlain -
    pic 3 - Weil Antilope -

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Hi and welcome!

    The Weil Antilope is listed as being created in 1945, so your bottle is of a 65 year vintage or younger.

    As for the Guerlain, a lot of those bottles pop up every so often on ebay, but they quite tricky to date. Our master of all things Guerlain (Mr Guerlain) might be able to give you a good idea though, as might some others here.

    Lovely items, by the way.

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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Thanks Dimitri, I was hoping to find something similar on ebay to compare the Guerlain but there's nothing on there at the moment so I'll keep my eye on it.

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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Lee, here is one that I was following on ebay a few days ago.
    Does your Mums bottle still have the box? That may also provide a clue as to its vintage.

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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Unfortunately it doesn't. Thanks for the info by the way, that's really great
    Does the label on the bottom of the bottle mean anything? Or is that a batch number (my guess is that it is)

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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Since Guerlain changes its presentations continuously (bottle, label, box, sticker on bottom), one can use these signs as clues about the age. Unfortunately, the "Guerlain bottle bible" doesn't have any info on the stickers, but you are right that it's only a batch number.

    Your Jicky bottle with that label was produced between 1923 and 1980. If you had the box, we could narrow it further. I'd say that the sticker suggest a quite early edition, I think prior to 1970.

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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Guerlain View Post
    I'd say that the sticker suggest a quite early edition, I think prior to 1970.
    I'm fairly certain the marley horse logo was red prior to 1950, so that would put this bottle between 1950-1970.
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    Default Re: two 'rare/vintage' (?) perfumes

    Antilope! Lucky you, Lee!
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