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    Default hey any suggestions?

    hey guys i finally isgned up im age 15 and currently have

    bvlgari aqva homme
    curve by claibourne
    ck in2u men
    davidoff cool water
    eddie bauer pure
    diesel plus plus
    swiss army altitude
    ck crave

    so what do you guys suggest as my next cologne? thanks also if u didnt notice im a guy

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    dolce and gabbana the one.
    marc jacobs
    victoria secret very sexy for him
    armani code
    roberto cavalli black
    creed green irish tweed
    diesel only the brave
    the new true religion with the partial leather bottle.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    I'd suggest going to test alot of fragrances out at a mall. Wearing something you like is more important than what we like although we can try to guess what you like. And since you aren't asking for a specific type of fragrance then its mass-testing time.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    okay thanks but do u guys think im missing some type of cologne? like im good with the aqua s but wat about the other types? i mainly wear bvlgari aqva and curve and i would like a sexy scent to pick up girls in the 15 - 20 age

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    20? Damn dude, suave

    D&G's The One might work okay for you, and you could check out Unforgivable by Sean Jean.

    Women also seem to love Black XS by Paco Rabanne

    Gucci's Envy would be great, too, although maybe a bit potent for someone in your age group? I don't want to stereotype, though, so you could always check it out and see if it works for you

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    Get yourself a bottle of vintage Old Spice or Gucci Envy. They've done the trick for me.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    Bvlgari Aqva is one of the best aquatics out there in my opinion. You want fragrances for different occasions and weathers. They heavier ones work much better in cold/winter/night conditions and lighter ones are better suited for hot/daytime use. Here are some categories that I use:

    Daytime may-(or will)-get-sweaty conditions
    Warm night/regular day
    Complex fragrance that you love and dont really care what others think
    A fragrance with a prominent note of that you love (sandalwood, violet, vetiver, citrus, leather, a certain fruit)
    Gourmand (food related, aka vanilla chocolate coffee coconut ect.)
    Formal occasions (usually something heavy here - often with spices)
    Cold weather fragrance that can be very bad if you use it in hot weather

    I buy my scents based on what category they fulfill and don't try to get too many that fit the same purpose. (although my current wardrobe is in a massive overhaul and hasnt been updated)
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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    Rinosaur has some great advice

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    k thanks guys i guess ill go to the mall and try some out

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    Diesel Fuel for Life might be what you're looking for. Its fruity/sweet so its alright for summer but it wears very nice in the winter as well. It always gets me compliments. Its youthful but still masculine.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    CK Obsession Night, Kenzo L'Eau par Kenzo, Solo Loewe, Burberry's Weekend

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    Hmm...young dude and wants to get some attention from the ladies...
    Kill me now but the one I can suggest closest to that aim would be (ack) Paris Hilton for Men.
    A little embarassed to say I own it (was given to me by a *ehm* special friend) but its melon-cucumber scent just seems to call attention from girls (not women, take note, but girls).
    Now that I confessed, I can also say I wear it all the time haha.

    A little more sophisticated ... Carolina Herrera for Men. Gives me good memories as my "move-up frag" -- was a young frosh who learned senior college roommate uses it, swore that when I could afford it it'll be one of the scents I'll snap up I have one now

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    Check out the YSL selections at your local department store. L'Homme might work OK for you, though I don't dig it myself. Something more like Live Jazz or Rive Gauche would be good. M7 would be a more adventurous choice.
    - E.J.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    ^^If his local dept. store's YSL collection is anything like mine, Lil' Homie or L'Homme will be all he can try.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    i live in the greater toronto area so i have many options
    thanks for the suggestions what do u guys htink of burberry brit or john varvatos for a kid like me

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    To be honest I don't think either one of those would fit you. Brit would come off too feminine for a 15 year old (heck I'm even scared to wear it and I'm 21) and Varvatos is too mature (leather, vanilla, dates). Just my opinion.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    I think John Varvatos transcends age and is a classic - though it does have leather/vanilla it also has the softer powder notes and a bit of citrus to balance it out and make it versatile. It's classy and could be a great formal scent for a younger gentleman - plus the 20 year old gals you're looking to impress will dig it.

    Brit is one I'm not fond of, personally, so I can't really say. From your original list, Bvlgari Aqva is a great choice. Cool Water too.

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    okay thanks guys then im gonna check out gucci envy when i get the chance

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    Default Re: hey any suggestions?

    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme. It might smell 'old' to you, but trust me it will work!
    Looking for: Andy Tauer - L'air du Desert Morocain & Incense Extreme

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