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    Default Yo ho ho and a bottle of bay rum!

    I purchased a bottle of Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum. The ingredients do not include oil from the bay tree, Pimenta racemosa. I guess the oil is too expensive for a Pinaud product. What it does contain are compounds that give it a cinnamon and clove fragrance (cinnimal and eugenal among them). Anyway, the fragrance is fleeting to me. Do products made with bay oil have a longer-lasting fragrance? By the way, the bay tree is toxic, so don't ingest your bay rum!

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    Default Re: Yo ho ho and a bottle of bay rum!

    I always wondered if pirates back in the day actually wore bay rum? It's hard for me to picture old school pirates wear fragrances, but I suppose you'd get sweaty and smelly out there in the ocean haha ;0 Maybe the pirate captain would wear it but the crew?

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