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    This forum is created as a result of this thread here.

    Please let me know if there are any threads you have started you would like moved here.

    Please make sure that new threads are created with the notes name as the title of the thread so that it is easier for people to find. This forum defaults to showing threads by alphabetical order to make things ordered.


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    Thank you a ton, Grant!
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    Excellent idea and resource Grant, thank you!

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    Brilliant! Thanks.
    Another thing which makes asenotes tower above the competition .
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    Thank-you Grant. I propose incorporating (somehow) the Scent Identification Project Purplebird moderated last year. She recently re-organized the whole thread by each note and posted it on the website- Scribd.
    Here's the link.
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    Default Re: Welcome

    This is very cool. Thanks you, all. I think I've already got some threads taking shape at this very moment...
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    This is awesome. I think it will be most helpful.

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    I have a question--do we also want individual threads for individual aromachemicals, even if they may belong together as a family (musks, for example)?

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    Thanks Asha for your notes on the "Assnotes" of Civet and Castoreum. Bal a Versailles is so beautifully vile!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asha View Post
    I have a question--do we also want individual threads for individual aromachemicals, even if they may belong together as a family (musks, for example)?
    Why don't we keep them separate for now.

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    Sweeet!!! I just shipped some bergamot and castoreum to kess yesterday. I will redirect her here.
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    As far as keeping things separate, there are some threads I'll have to split off as I already combined them. The musks have a pretty extensive list of chemicals, so I thought it might be better to keep them together. But, I can always put musk in the title with the subtitle being the specific chemical.

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    I was looking at the Musk and Rose threads--they are hard to separate because the "sniffers" often compared the different musk molecules or roses from different sources. I am inclined to leave them each as one thread for now--any suggestions or opinions on this?

    Oh, and I have completed posting all the compiled notes form ECaruthers' list of the Note Identification Project.
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    I think that it seems a good idea to leave the musk and rose threads as is. If someone searches for the specific molecule, then they will find the relevant thread.
    Thanks for all your work here Asha, I'll be posting my thoughts in threads as and when!

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    Any chance to add a thread for Verveine/Verbena? I'd love it.

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    I added Verbena, although there is no content right now. The original threads mostly came from the note identification project which was extensive but certainly not exhaustive

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllenWF View Post
    Any chance to add a thread for Verveine/Verbena? I'd love it.
    Anyone can begin a new thread for a note.

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    I don't know if this is the place for this, but does anybody know where to get synthetics that haven't been diluted? I've been all over China and can only find places that sell in bulk or who want to know I'm not planning to build a bomb or make meth.

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