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    Default a couple of beers = strange fragrance comparison?

    a few swaps ago I got a bottle of Donna Karan Fuel (I was sad that it no longer came in the crazy bottle shape but whatevs...) I can't help it but after a couple of post-work beers I've come to the following conclusion
    DK Fuel = Liz Claiborne Spark + John Varvatos
    Now I'm drawn a bit to all three, and find each fragrance a decent composition, but DK Fuel is fetching a decent premium these days while the other two are *ahem* not... obviously they share some core elements "tobacco, incense, fruit notes", but I'm still amazed at the similarities... any thoughts?
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    Default Re: a couple of beers = strange fragrance comparison?

    All three are warm scents, I think Fuel and Varvatos seem to have more common ground between each other because I seem to associate it with the smell of leather and wool. Spark on the other hand is more gourmand with its boozy notes.
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