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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    PdE Ambre Russe
    For sale: Armani Prive (Cuir, Jade), Yves Rocher, Artisan Ambre body cream

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    Happy Anniversary, Chaya2 !!!!
    May you and the Mister enjoy so many more....

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    Today in SL Louve.
    DH was not crazy about it. Another one that I should wear to work, when I am not around him.

    Chaya, I hope you feel better.

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    Quote Originally Posted by ComDiva View Post
    Posting late, and today's SoTD is the remnant's of last night's L'Occitane Miel et Citron Massage Oil... It is my 21st wedding anniversary. Tonight my home is scented with the 21 multi-colored roses my DH has scattered in vases around the house. I am so lucky to have found the guy I did, when I did. Sending hugs to everyone.
    Oh WOW!!!
    HAPPIEST OF ANNIVERSARIES M/M ComDiva!! TWO lucky people!!
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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    The power of bleu
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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    I'm wearing Trouble today.
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    SotE is Versace ~ Woman

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    am. Aqua Motu
    pm. Aqua di Gio

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 26 June

    SotD today was Tom Ford White Patchouli. SotE, I tested a couple:

    Le Labo Iris 39--not sure what to think. Sometimes I think it smells like the world's best rooty iris with dirt still stuck to the rhizome. Other times it smells like a plastic mess. It has some qualities like Dior Homme but is much more of a disjointed fragrance.

    Mazzolari Fleurs d'Oranger--the top notes are gorgeous, dominated by a lovely sweet, tart and slightly woody orange flower. I'm not sure yet how to interpret this one--is it a floral or a cologne water? It seems to behave like a cologne water in terms of its simplicity and short longevity...but the mid and base notes seem wrong. They seem a bit too heavy, although they are not really SO heavy...I just can't put my finger on it right now.

    SotN is Guerlain Shalimar extrait.

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