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    Default Recommend me a fragrance

    Hi all,

    I know you get these threads all the time, but I'd like some recommendations for fragrances if you don't mind. I am a 20-year-old college student looking for a fragrance that I can wear daily, but can also be used as a fragrance for going out and whatnot. I'd like a fragrance with good sillage and longevity, because what good is a fragrance if no one else can even notice it? Anyhow, I've ordered a few samples and have tried them, and will give my impressions so you can have an idea of what I'm looking for.

    M7: A sweet,mysterious, and sensual fragrance. I like it, as it as an undefinable complexity and aura, but I don't think this would do very well as a daily fragrance. Would work for something like going on a date or something but I'd like something more versatile.

    A*men: Very sweet and for lack of a better word, "delicious", fragrance. Love the rich, chocolaty dry down, but like the M7, it doesn't seem like a good all-around scent. The sillage and longevity of it are great though.

    Green Irish Tweed: I really like this. To my unexperienced nose, it smells like the quintessential fragrance. Masculine yet delicate, and sensual yet fresh. Smells very well-made, and unfortunately, the price reflects that too, so any Creed fragrance is pretty much out of the picture for me.

    Guerlain Vetiver: I'm ambivalent about this fragrance. I don't really find it particularly pleasant or appealing, but I know it's a supposed to be a classic and whatnot. Just doesn't really jive with me. Doesn't smell like a "typical" fragrance that a young man would wear. Maybe in the future.

    Rive Gauche: I bought a bottle (or should I say, can) of this without trying it since it was so cheap, but it's not really something I'm too crazy about. It's too fresh and clean, and smells somewhat like shaving cream. I read that it gets a lot of compliments from women, but personally I don't even find the scent that sensual. Just too fresh, clean, straightforward, and even "metallic". I know there are a lot of Rive Gauche fan boys out there so I'll leave it at that.

    Terre D'Hermes: A really pleasant fragrance. I like the citrusy notes in this one, but unfortunately I found that I had to spray a lot of it on to even notice it on myself. The scent is too light and fleeting (maybe as an inadvertent allusion to the light-footed messenger God Hermes?).

    Also, I did try a few scents at a department store the last time I was at a mall. I was only there briefly so I only got to try Aqua di Gio and a few Polo scents. I can't really remembered what they smelled like, although I thought they were all pleasant fragrances. One of the cards that had fragrance applied to it had an excellent dry down that was somewhat fruity, musky, and woodsy, and had awesome sillage (I could still smell it two weeks later sitting on my desk from across the room). I don't remember what it was, but it could have been Polo Double Black. Maybe I should go back and try to find out.

    I've also been searching the databases looking for fragrances that have descriptions that appeal to me, and I seem to be drawn to the descriptions of Versace Pour Homme, Chanel Egoiste, L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme, Armania Mania, and a few others I can't remember right now. I don't mind going with a mainstream scent (that's pretty much what I'm limited to anyways), and one that smells kind of like a "typical" fragrance (I'm assuming that based on the fact that I didn't really like Rive Gauche, and that I liked GIT and the ones I tried at the department store). And also, I might have to make this a blind buy, since the mall is a distance away and I don't have a car at college.

    So based on what I wrote, any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    Blind buy ? Hmmm, Egoiste is a pretty safe choice i think. Or Escada Magnetism (can be used daily). Or YSL kouros (u gotta try first). Or may be .... AQUA DI GIO !!! (jk, i hate this one now) .

    Polo Blue is also a good choice. Or John Varvatos.
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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    Terre d'Hermes for me has the strongest sillage in my wardrobe. So i don't really agree with you that's its light and fleeting.

    Versace Pour Homme and Azzaro Chrome might suit your bill. Versace PH is especially versatile and could work both in formal/casual ocassions and also in summer/winter. Also try the Chanel Allure Pour Homme and its flankers. Another one is Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    You would probably like the following mainstream, widely available scents:

    -YSL L'Homme
    -Hanae Mori PH
    -Versace Pour Homme
    -Givenchy Pi
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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    Second on the John Varvatos by John Varvatos. It is a little heavier though, so it might be relegated to a night or winter spot in your wardrobe.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    So I managed a trip to the mall and tried out quite a few fragrances. These are the ones I think I will end up getting: Fahrenheit by Dior, A*men by Thierry Mugler, Live Jazz by YSL, and Bvlgari Aqua. Would this provide a well-rounded wardrobe to start with? I'm a little concerned about getting Live Jazz since I'm reading that the longevity and sillage are a problem, but I really like the fresh, minty scent. Fahrenheit was one that wasn't on my list initially, but it really stood out from all the others that I tried. It smells very distinct and masculine. It also smells familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. Bvlgari Aqua seems like an inoffensive, but very nice fragrance. I might just buy it to give to my brother for his birthday. And A*men I've always liked a whole lot.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    hey there

    Live Jazz lasts a long time on me, although the sillage is not particularly strong.

    If you like Terre d'Hermes, check out Montale's Red Vetyver.

    I think it's somewhat similar, but superior in every way, and it's a sillage and longevity monster. You should be able to find samples online easily enough (I think you can actually just call or email Montale, even), and it's relatively inexpensive given how potent it is.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    I second Versace pour Homme, but also, you might like to restock your supply of Rive Gauche and Terre de Hermes, you might also like Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes, Mugler Cologne, Gucci Envy, Dior Homme and even the ultra-classic (in a good sense of the word) Chanel Pour Monsieur

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    So I just placed an order with Fahrenheit, Live Jazz, A*men, and Bvlgaria Aqua. Will probably get them next week, and will post further impressions then!

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    Default Re: Recommend me a fragrance

    John Varvatos the original. the longevity (atleast on me) is pretty good. its a very interesting fragrance too, very complex. it starts off with what alot of people equate to a "cherry" scent. if you really smell it though it definitely is herbal (mediteranean ones i believe). theres a medium leather scent to it which i LOVE. after a while it break down into a vanilla, leathery and slightly powder scent. it reminds me alot of Le Male. not like "woah, this is another le male!" its kind of hard to explain the similarity, but it definitely reminds me of le male in some way. you should definitely try it, its one of my favorites

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