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    Default SotD Saturday 27 June

    Good morning!

    Les Parfums de Rosine Rose d'Amour, a lovely bright rose scent with galbanum and ginger.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Britney Spears - Believe (for a rainy brainless weekend)
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Day Three, F. Malle: Iris Poudre

    I've not been a big fan of iris. Coming from an early liking for opulent (and overbearing) spiced Orientals (Opium), I found iris ran counter to my preferences. Iris was either marked by a powdery cosmetic accord (Hiris) or was too vegetal and chilly (Iris Silver Mist); it ran counter to not just my tastes but to the perception of myself. Iris was too cool, not terribly gregarious, and seemed to me to have an arrogance that I could admire but which I would never seek to achieve.. I don't think anyone would believe me in an iris scent; I saw such things as the province of the intellectual and the aloof, of the Hitchcock blonde in her presumption of frigidity that of course drove men wild with lust and priapic fantasy of possession..

    Great. Why bother?

    Iris Poudre came to me through a sudden revelation that I appreciated aldehydic florals for the frontal attack on humidity. I made the bold step of purchasing Eau Premiere and when that worked as well as it did I ordered Iris Poudre, even though I had forgotten what it smelled like.

    I've been wearing it ever since, subject to one caveat: It fares poorly in stormy weather.

    IP departs from what I considered the norm by being a chalky iris and a gray iris. To be precise, it is a stone gray and it would prefer, if asked, to retreat behind a rock. After that initial aldehydic high, IP features a mineral-type powder (non-cosmetic) that is like a rosin and not a facial product. It isn't sweet and it doesn't have that organic vegetal note. The most interesting feature about IP is how it captures a formalist structure and a strange and surreal Modernism. Something that smells like tobacco makes a minor and surprising interference.

    It's worth noting that I do not receive most of the listed notes. I do get the slightly bitter ebony of the base, but only because this note is so distinctive to me as acrid. Also, the amber is of the metallic, non-gourmand variety and these two together reverberate through the long finish of the scent, mildly making noise.

    IP is a receding scent that defies getting a handle on where it is going. It seems to draw the wearer backward into what might be a gloom; it's a trickster that way. On the surface, it is a modern aldehyde that, like Cassie, seems a very clever reworking of a traditional theme. That would suggest IP has that same brisk tailoring as a classical aldehyde, but it only does so to challenge that idea.

    There's also a dirtiness of a richly mineral soil that appears once the top sparks off. This is not the same soil/earth I described in Une Rose, which is earthier and perhaps primeval. IP's soil is like growing soil, suitable for a certain type of plants alone, but who knows what those might be?

    I've noticed that some people react poorly to IP, apparently seeing "floral aldehyde" and expecting the sweetness of No. 22. IP is not sweet. This is a dry fragrance that tempers all of its floral components with a topcoat of ashy orris.

    Longevity is superb.

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    Smile Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Chant d'aromes.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Good morning !
    Sharing the house w/ Tigs, In Rose Kashmirie...ooodles of it.
    You guys smell great !

    Thanks for the sweet well-wishes; head is better- I'm off to work the weekend.
    Hope Com Diva had a wonderful day yesterday...
    And love to all whose situations are thorny and fraught.

    Must wake beloved for CAWFEEE !
    [Where's Terry when you need her, hmmm ?]

    Love ya.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Have been out of the fold for a few weeks - busy, busy, busy!
    Two sons have moved back home (temporarily?), my youngest sister got married
    last weekend and I am applying for a few part-time teaching jobs too.
    I have decided to wear Heliotrope Blanc and am hoping this grey, wet morning
    brightens up for our local Carnival this afternoon. Soggy floats are not attractive!
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Essence: Jasmine by Donna Karan - for an early 5K

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Caron Aimez-Moi, to work.

    Have a nice weekend!
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Two SotDs so far; layered JLo Sunkissed Glow with White Linen....a REALLY bad idea, believe you me.

    Wonderful weather here today, just have to drag my butt out of bed and out in the sun. :bounce:

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Lutens' CHERGUI for some delicious oriental power in the heat.
    "Perfume is the dream that carries me."

    There is always the sky to look at

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Today I'm wearing SL's Claire de Musc.
    Some books are undeservedly forgotten, none are undeservedly remembered - W.H. Auden

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    I am going to participate/celebrate in the local Gay Pride festivities today. Happy Pride!

    My SOTD is Yves Saint-Laurent Kouros.

    Top notes are aldehydes, artemisia, coriander, clary sage and bergamot
    Middle notes are carnation, patchouli, cinnamon, orris root, jasmine, vetiver and geranium
    Base notes are honey, leather, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, oakmoss and vanilla

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    Thumbs up Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    GUERLAIN'S HABIT ROUGE, Eau de Toilette

    Have I told you about the scent of jasmine? Have I spoken about the smell of the sea? The earth is scented. And I perfume myself to enhance what I am. That's why I can not wear a perfume that bothers me. Perfuming is an instinctive wisdom. And like all art, it requires some knowledge of yourself..."
    Clarice Lispector ( 1920-1977) - Perfumes da Terra / Earth

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    Oh geeze. No WONDER everybody's so Krazy for Kouros.

    Think I'll head for St. Tropeze in
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Petruccij, it just struck me that I have no clue when the Parade is...! Have been there the last three years but somehow I've not been paying attention this year. Might be it's in August, anyway, better chance for sunshine. I'll have to find out when it's held post haste! Have fun at your end, and everyone else who's attending!

    Today I trie another two samples from the stash lovethescents sent me (thank you dearie!):
    Ava Luxe Figuier: LOTSA coconut. LOTSA. Bit excessive for my taste, actually. I do like it better than her Figue Noir, though, that went very perfumy on me. This is nice, just not for me.
    Tsi-La Organics Ilang Ilang (never heard of before): does anyone remember these?

    The top notes are a dead ringer for those candy necklaces. It made me laugh out loud when I realized what it was I was smelling. Gets powdery and less sweet soon after, and has an almost plasticky edge to it. Odd. I think I'm going to reapply just for the candy necklaces. Sign me up:

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    My SotD, is Infusion d'Iris, and I didn't care so much about it.
    So I'm going to shower it off and wear J del Pozo, in Black tonight.

    Enjoy your Saturday, guys & girls.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    [QUOTE=petruccijc;1549044]I am going to participate/celebrate in the local Gay Pride festivities today. Happy Pride!

    My 29 year old son, who works for Google, lives in SF and is very involved in the local festivities there. Let's just say that it is a much better atmosphere there than here in Wichita. He usually walks with the Google contingent during the parades, and 2 years ago was excited to meet George Takei, who rode on their float that year.
    Enjoy your day, Petruccijc!

    Hubby is home and we had a nice reunion last night. Went to bed in Apres L'ondee. He wore Habit Rouge.
    This morning I am calming myself in Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert. Have been without Air conditioning here at the shop for 2 days as all the service techs are working in the field. Can you believe that? You would think an HVAC company could get a service call! Sheesh.

    Happy weekend to all
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Orion, interesting reading your thoughts on Iris Poudre. I had requested a sample of that but they didn't have any made up, so I received a card sprayed with it along with a lovely note signed by FM. I was so impressed by that gesture, and by the fragrance, that I was tempted to order it without trying it on skin. But I didn't. Not yet anyway.

    Chaya, glad to hear your head is better!

    Ubu, good luck in the 5k!

    petruccijc, Kouros! Perfect choice!

    Everybody else is looking and smelling fine today. It's going to be another steamy one here today. I'm wearing No. 5 Eau Première , my staple.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Happy Pride! :brolly: (though I hope rainbow umbrellas wont be needed at the parades today)

    I'm sampling today: Jicky EdT, Eau de Guerlain and later today Chanel No. 19.

    Enjoy your day your day everyone. And thank you everyone who wished me well a few days ago. I'm feeling much better already.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Happy anniversary To the ComDivas and I know how happy they still are 21 years later.

    My final day Day 6 of my $100 Fragrance Wardrobe Challenge. Today I am wearing Murray & Lanman Florida Water which you can buy in the 9oz. EDC size from for 6.99. Which brings my six-day grand total to $96.73

    Murray and Lanman Florida Water

    I've been wet shaving with a double-edged razor for awhile now and I've been trying some of the eau de colognes recommended in the wet shaving community. Florida Water is one of the more highly regarded of these and after a solid 4-pass shave I sprayed some on. The first blast is an intense ginger which in something calle Florida Water is surprising. Y'know since Florida is so well known for their ginger. The ginger is bracing and refreshing but quickly to the rescue is something Florida is well known for, as a citrus note comes in and makes for a spicy citrus melange that is quite nice. The spice and citrus linger for a good while before transitioning into a light floral middle which leads to a vetiver base. Like many eau de colognes the longevity is modest and if you need something to last you all day it will require you to top it up at some point. This is a really beautifully constructed eau de cologne which is amazing when you consider the price tag of $5 for 4.2oz.!! Florida Water is said to have use in voodoo ceremonies, I don't know about that, but the designers of this one have definitely performed some kind of olfactory voodoo to make something this good at that price.

    Have a Superb Saturday everyone
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Parfums MDCI Péché Cardinal with just a tiny bit of Montale Patchouli Leaves
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Soivohle' Daybreak Violin once again.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Good morning everyone and have a good Saturday. It'll be about 107 degrees in central California today.
    Shalimar EDT for me today . Reminds me of beloved Jicky.
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    I am wearing and enjoying AL's Frangipani, getting ready to go out in the heat.

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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June


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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Coconut, of the fists-full of samples Musse sent for my daughter to try, I was surprised/embarrassed to like Believe.
    Chaya, "migraine nevermore!"
    Kewart, good luck all the way around.
    Ubu, you are virtuous in activity, deed and scent.
    ComDiva, congrats on the long and successful marriage.
    Pet, and all our gay-supporting contingent, "Hold your heads high."
    Lessa! The cobblers' children have no shoes (A/C), eh? Just lovin' our 1-y-o A/C system.
    Going to meet the couple who's likely to become our next tenants, wearing juice from my newly arrived mini of Henry Dunay Sabi. Much happiness here. Thanks for focusing attention on this frag, Haunani.
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Czech & Speake Cuba today. The heat is on..
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    Gio Pour Homme

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    The power of bleu
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    I'm wearing Fresh Strawberry Flowers today ... very refreshing for such a HOT day.
    I've trademarked the color bleu
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    Default Re: SotD Saturday 27 June

    We're on a little weekend getaway and I only brought my little travel size bottle of Vanille Galante. It's good for the heat, so I'm happy! Enjoy the Saturday happenings, everyone!

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