My usual frag application routine was 3 to the neck (front, right-left) and once to my forearm. Due to the climate, sillage was always not a problem..longevity was good too for most scents. However, i always got hit by olfactory fatigue within an hour after application. I could still detect my SotD everytime i move my neck but i never could gauge how strong was the sillage. So recently my gf asked me the necessity of applying so much cologne every time we went out. I was kinda shocked and had a feeling i had become "Mr. Way too much cologne wearer". So after much research here i discovered that application to the unexposed chest was the recommended way to apply cologne.

I was sceptical at 1st about chest application. But soon enough i realised how much more i appreciated my SotD. Instead of a constant bombardment to my nose i got the occasional whiff all day long. Even the longevity and sillage of Clinique Happy, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme and Eau Sauvage were improved significantly. Meanwhile for powerhouses like Antaeus, Kouros and Azzaro PH, even 4 sprays to the chest doesn't make me nauseous. In the past even 2 sprays of any of those powerhouses made feel nauseous even lightheaded at times. So now i no longer apply to the neck instead its 4 sprays to the upper and mid chest area..sometimes an extra 1 or 2 to the forearms if i want a greater sillage coverage.

However i do notice that applying to the chest does decrease the sillage a notch or two compared to application to exposed skin (neck, forearms,etc). Has anyone noticed this?

Another disadvantage is my clothes now have to be washed after each wear because the cologne sticks to the shirt.

So i highly recommend application to the chest for those facing issues with longevity/sillage because Once you go Chest, You never go neck.

Another question: Does 4 sprays of Kouros to the chest seem excessive?