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    After thinking about what type of scent I need next, I decided I need sometime of powdery, animalic, ambery floral. I have narrowed down to Creed Acier Aluminum and Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur though not limited to those two. I currently own and enjoy Floris no. 89, Dunhill 1934, Green Irish Tweed, and D.R. Harris Arlington (to get an idea of my tastes). What suggestions would you make for me? I am not particularly interested in niche or extremely expensive frags. Thanks.

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    Not sure if it's what you're looking for (because I haven't tried it myself), but have you tried Third Man?
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    Give Aramis JHL a shot.

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    Mouchoir de Monsieur is a wonderful idea and fits the criteria perfectly (and it's worlds better than Acier Aluminum). Jicky is close to MdM and another good option. The scents you listed mostly tend toward dry, masculines w/citrus. Eau Sauvage is in the same world.

    You'd probably like Tiffany for Men and Pour Monsieur (original). Finally, Dior Homme is sweeter than the other suggestions but its another masculine/floral.

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    I have tried Third Man and I thought it was a tad loud. Eau Sauvage is decent and I did enjoy Chanel pour Monsieur. I suppose I will have to try a sample of each.

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    Also, you might get more responses if you change the title to: Seeking a powdery, animalic, ambery floral.

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    I think Mouchoir Monsieur is a wonderful choice and I'm so happy I own a full bottle. Remember, it is a very subtle fragrance, in the classic gentlemanly style (much more subtle, than Jicky, to my nose). If that is not your style, then I would choose the Creed (although I've never been a fan of Acier Aluminum) or perhaps something like vintage Equipage by Hermes and/or the woman's Opium (the EdT) by YSL.
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    Apart from Acier Aluminum and Mouchoir de Monsier, whcih are excellent choices, you might also like the already aformentioned Floris No. 89, but also Czech&Speake No. 88, Chanel Anateus, Knize Ten, Hammam Bouquet, even Rocabar by Hermes, Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir and Esencia Loewe
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